Power of the small things…..

Sometimes we reach for the highest stars, lift the heaviest weights try to acheive the unchevable. While there is nothing wrong with this type of go getting attitude, there is something to be said in achieving the small things. Maybe just maybe it might be our ultimate meal ticket in the end. So what am I talking about power in the small things. Lets say you are wanting to start lifting weights, we all know lift heavy things”me get big and stong”. Well yeah if you luck out and not rip, tear, strain your way to a one way trip to an er and ultimately hender your will to ever want to lift again. Start small stick to basic lift move that focous on major muscle group, build your way into those heavy weights your body will thank you later. Lasting muscle will not come over night it is a process that can take years but at the point you hit the body transformation you dreamed of in the beginning it will mean all that much more.

The same could be said in your marrage its the power of the small things. I have been married now for 12 years and can say that in all that time it really is the small things that seem to have made the biggest impact to my wife. So whats a small thing in marrage,well one small example I try and do on a daily basis is write my wife a little note. We have a white board on our fridge that was hardly ever used, I just simply say I love you or I was thinking of you, cant wait to get home to you,you get the point. Sometimes I will shoot a little text home out of the blue just saying thinking of you. Another example is maybe once a month I will swing by our local Krogers and get her a few flowers nothing to expensive im on a tight(broke) budet by the way, just enough to say hey was thinking of you.

The power of the small things may seem trivial. But trust me, it just might be those little things that make the biggest differences(and maybe some brownie points). Until next time God bless!

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