Old habits die hard….

Genesis 45:24 Deeply ingrained attitudes and habits are hard to get rid of, it all takes time.

Life, we all live one, if you are breathing and moving you are living a life. All of our lives are different, different paths and choices to take or make. These paths and choices lead to new habits and attitudes, some good some bad. God has given us these paths through free will. Free will is the option to choose the things we do in this life we are given. With this free will habits will form and habits are hard to break. It is our routine to get us through everyday life. When we change that routine it can seem our entire day is thrown off. But some habits need to be changed and as humans we know that we have habits that may not be the best choice for us. So how do we change those habits that maybe so ingrained into our dna.

Its starts with the will or the thought of wanting to change. Then taking the little steps day in and day out to form a new habit free of the old habit that we want to change. Its unfortunately not easy but possible, with a focus on what we want and the grace of Jesus anything in this life is possible. It is said in the bible if we have the faith we can tell the mountains to throw themselves in the sea and it will be done. If we keep the mindset that God is always for us never against us and keep the faith that we will change, it will be done no questions asked. If we doubt that faith and ourselves that change can slowly start to slip away and we fall prey back into the old habits that have its cold dead hands on our throats.

Little steps toward are big goals and the faith in our lord and Savior will blossom and grow our lives to change and form these deeply ingrained habits. Don’t live dead, live each day with the focus and purpose that we are going to be who we want in this life. Walk that crooked path but know we are never walking it alone we take each step with Jesus and he will never leave us abandoned in that dark place. Lead your life that honors God and change those little habits that hold us from our full potential.

Published by Faith Born

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