It could all be gone…

One of my biggest struggles I have delt with as of late has been to appreciate the things that God has given me. I am always looking for the next big thing.

I normally dont take the time to appreciate what I am so blessed to have. It is so easy these days to see on tv or social media all that others have that we dont and we may think, man I need that, or thats the way my life needs to be. For me I know now but it is still hard that I need to stop and look at what God has put in my life. Are things always perfect no, no ones life is perfect all the money in the world cant make everything perfect in life. Gods will and plan will always be done, we can only step back and let him lead us in our journeys. Realize what we have in our lives and hold on and cherish it because in a blink it could all be taken away.

I think this step back truly is how to learn to love more deeply and care for life in more passionate way. God can give and God can take away. If we dont appreciate what he has given us why would he do more or even let us hang on to what we have. We have to learn to pray and thank Jesus everyday for the good he had done in our lives and if we feel we are heading in a direction in life we really dont want ask him to step in change our path and show his love.

Jesus will always be for us never against so when you read this stop take a moment to talk with our God thank him for what you have and ask him to always guide your lives and for us to always be grateful for what we have. Also remember to Love, Lead, and Lift our lives to honor God.

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