Pray big to finish big…..

We all have choices in life. Sometimes we have to make the hard choices. We may not always make the right ones in the matter, sure we may have gotten away with that wrong decision but deep down we feel the wrong, we feel the shame. If we know what we did is wrong and we dont want to make that same mitake. Pray, let it go, God dosent want us to hold on to our past and live in the shame. He has already forgave us, he did this through his son Jesus. Ask him to forgive you and know he has. Living in our past decesions or choices can hold us back from what God has ahead, our real destiny and big breaks. Not letting go and being forgiven can be like wearing a blind fold over your eyes and trying to walk around town, you are sure to trip and fall.

So all this being said how do we move forward from these past choices that maybe holding us back. Prayier to our God, ask him to forgive what ever the situation is, change the things we may not be able to, know in your heart he is a forgiving father. Prayer is our one direct line to our father. We may feel it dont matter, he wont listen, he has more important things to do. But we are the most important thing to God. He has made us in his image. He wants to give us the things we ask for. As a father I know if my kids come to me and ask for a glass of water I dont give them a cup of dirt, I give them there water because I love and care for their well being. So how much more does the creature of this life care for his kids. You have to have a big prayier life, pry big and receive big. It may not be exactly when we think we need it but God knows when we do. He has everything planned in our lives right down to the second. Dont get stuck thinking that this is it, this situation will never change. Pray and know God has all of this worked out.

Ask God to be with you through these things. Stay strong and before you know…. God will open these new doors and you will never look back. He has so much in store for us in this life, we were created to be great and with proper comunication threw our prayier I beleive we can all have that greatness. Talk to God keep that line open and be ready to receive these great favors he wants to bless us with.

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