We are never alone!

Do you ever feel alone, even inside of your own marriage? Well I have, I have felt that at some points I have had no guide on this path we call life or other things seem to hinder or get in the way of the things that are most important to me. This was all to true in my teen years, but thanks to God he lined me up with a woman who is now my wife that has straightened me out so to say, but I didn’t always listen to her guiding words, call it hard headed or just stuck in my own ways I guess, but what ever it maybe labeled I made some pretty reckless choices.

For so long I lived my life I felt on my own, I felt as if no one cared or was really there for me as a child and a teen. I had no support system around me that could help lead me down the right path. While yes my parents were home and near me, they were never really there or near me. My parents had there own issues and I guess never really had time for mine. So therefore I looked to my friends to guide me, well as you may well guess teen boys don’t always make the right choice. I made my share of bad choices and mistakes as a teen that even carried over into my adult life, I felt as if I was on my own and had to make decisions on my own.

So when did I turn things around, well that came many years into my marriage. So needless to say I was still stuck in this mind set of bad choices even in the beginning of marriage. These poor choices didn’t change until I discovered God and his love for me. God had given me an answer, he had given me a wife that wanted to help and lead me in a new better direction. I just needed to open my mind, eyes and heart to really see what he was doing for me. I learned God is our father and we can come to him to guide us and make the better choices. For the first time I felt as if I had a good role model, someone I looked up to that had my best interest in mind. A role model that has always been there, I just didn’t know how to listen. God gives us our husband or wife on purpose, as a couple we are suppose to help one another into making better decisions and to never feel so alone, that is why we are given to our spouse, as a couple we are each others rock and we should love with all we have and make them feel they are never alone.

So what is the point here, anyone of you that feel this same way that you don’t have that role model or someone that cares for you and your well being, look to God our father, he is always with you and has the best of interest in mind for your journey. God gave us our spouse, show them love, listen to them they are put here in our lives to be our companion and help, but we have to give the same to them. Just knowing that and reading my bible and hearing and knowing Gods love for me changed my life, it held me more accountable to make better choices not only in life, but also in my marriage. This is when my relationship with my wife finally took a turn for the better and I thank God for that or I maybe without the love of my wife because of my poor choices. Thinking we are alone and we have no guide or influence in our lives or someone that loves us for us can lead us to very dark places, places that seem that lead us to make bad choices and ultimately unhappiness of ourselves. This place can be very difficult to come out of and can effect all parts of our lives and for me it bleed all over my marriage.

So if you feel alone and that you have never had the guidance in your life you have always craved, know you have it and have always had it look to God read your bible and listen to the message of love and care that he has for you. He may have already placed the answer right in front of you we are just not open to hear or see it. If this message has helped you please sign up to be a member to receive premium content http://faithborn.org/membership and also if you may know someone that needs to here this message please feel free to share this with them. It is in my hopes that I can help as many people as I can in this mission! Also if there is anything I can help out or you need to hear discussed feel free to leave comments and question I am open to feed back and your all concerns I will do my best to get back to all of them. Thanks for reading and until next time change you, change your marriage, God bless!

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