No looking back, change is coming!!!

It can be easy to look to the past and live there, in our past mistakes and bad habits. But we have to know we do not have to keep living this way, if we have found and and live through Jesus we have been reborn into a new life, one full of hopes, dreams and a better faith driven you! God doesn’t want us to live in our old ways anymore, he wants us to look to him and the future for new hope and new life! We have to give up our old life and ways and take up the life God has planned for us. Giving up can be difficult to do, getting out of old habits and a life style we are accustom to, but it is the uncomfortable that pushes us and changes us into the people we were called to be.

When I was a younger man I had a set of friends that had been in my life for sometime, we would set around and party almost every Friday or Saturday night, we would drink and be a little too rowdy(causing trouble) almost all night long. This way of life I grew accustomed to and it was the normal, but as I came to know the Lord and except him in my life he started leading me down a different path, one were the drinking and partying started to slowly fade away. Eventually those friends stop coming around the more closer I drew to God and I lost contact with them all together. The point here is that God had plans for my life and he knew if I stayed on this path and in my old ways I could never reach my full potential. So he slowly worked on moving those people and my life away from those sins, he course corrected me so to speak, and in his own time and his way, it may not have been known to me what I needed at that time but God knew what was best for me and my life. Looking back at those days I am so blessed he took hold and I am not stuck in those ways anymore, or I maybe locked up, in poor health or dead.

So if you live in the past, or feel you are stuck in old bad habits or sins it is time to make a change. Put the old you to death so to speak and rise up reborn in faith to a new better life. One filled with Gods love for us and the true purpose he has for you! Making this change can start right here right now if you will except it into your lives. All it will take is simply asking him to come into your life and free you from your habits and your old life ways. So if you are ready to be reborn I ask you to just say this simple prayer either in your mind or out loud it wont matter as long as you ask it and be open to receive it!

“Dear heavenly father, come into my life, put to death my old ways, help me be born into your faith, I repent of my sins, and I except you as my lord and savior, Amen”.

I know if you did this you truly are born into faith and I know this is going to change your life! If you have done this I ask now if you will take full advantage of this life changing gift. Please subscribe and follow at so you can stay encouraged in this new and better life God wants for you! Also if you know of anyone in your life that needs to hear this life changing message please share this with them, it is in my hopes to spread this message to as many people all over the world as possible! Leave me some commits below and let me know if you have excepted this change into your life, it is in my hopes and prayers that you have done this for yourselves! Thanks and until next time, God bless! Sign up to become a member to receive premium content below

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