Change your life in just an Instant!

One Touch Is All It Takes to change your life!!!

Are these not bold words, is this not a powerful statement! If not it can be, let me explain. Jesus our lord and savior has supernatural powers, these powers heal and restore lives! One touch of his love and favor on us can change heal and restore any part of your life! Its never to late to do this and I hope you take action now, continue reading to learn more!

It is told in Luke 13:10 just one of many examples of Jesus’s awesome power. Jesus was teaching in the synagogue when he saw a woman who had been crippled by an evil spirit. She had been bent doubled over for eighteen years, she was unable to stand up straight. Jesus saw her and called her over, he said woman you are healed of your sickness, then he touched her and she could stand up straight!

Just as in this woman’s life Jesus can do the same for us! We have to seek God and surrender to him. Just like the woman we maybe social outcast, afflicted with pain or struggles in our own lives. But one touch from Jesus in your life can change these things in an instant! You maybe dealing with problems in life you may feel like will never change, and I found my life couldn’t and still cant change without the help from God through Jesus. No matter what your struggle may be in your life like drugs, alcohol, abuse, pain, financial debt, or self doubt one touch of Gods love and favor on you can change these things from bad to good favor! Tough breaks to ultimate healing, the drug addiction suddenly gone, alcohol suddenly has no effect, abuse turns to love, you are finally free from debt, or finally free from the pain that has crippled you for so long! One touch of Gods love can change who you are and were you are in an instant for his good and yours.

So how in the world do we get this kind of love and favor, how do you become born into this new faith well I’m going to give you the chance to do that right now! I’m going to give you a chance to come to God in faith and ask for it. I’m going to give you one prayer, say it out loud or in your head it does not matter either way. It is in my hopes that everyone reading this will say these words, and except Jesus into there lives!

“Dear heavenly father, come into my life, put to death my old ways, help me be born into your faith, I repent of my sins, and I except you as my Lord and savior, Amen”.

If you said those words I know you are forgiven and saved, you are born into faith leaving the old behind! Come to God ask him to restore your life, ask him to guide you in your journey, he is a loving father and wants to take care of his children! If these words have moved you I encourage you to take one more action, subscribe here on Faith Born to stay encouraged in your new life, you will stay up to date with all the latest content to keep you on track in your faith, click on this link to subscribe now I hope this has helped you today and until next time God bless. Sign up to become a member for premium content

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