Power of our Words

Welcome I’m glad you have come to check out the program I know this will help and will change you. Today I want to talk about the power of our words. Words can have a major impact on our lives and the lives of the people around us. If we speak negative usually negative will show up in our lives, if we speak positive usually positive will show up in our lives. We can use our words to cut someone down or to build them up, and if we look at what Jesus did in the Bible he used his words to build people up and lead them to God. We can change our lives and the lives of the ones around us if we speak positive not only to ourselves but to them.

So what does this all mean? If we are speaking negative words in our lives we will usually produce negative or bad fruit. But if we speak positive uplifting words, our lives are usually more positive and blessed. We can speak into existence the things we want in this life for ourselves. If you speak negative like, “I can never do that” or “I’m not good enough” if we say things like that enough times you will start to believe this is who you are and will always be. You can talk yourself out of Big Dreams or goals you have in this life. But when you speak positive and tell yourself things like I can, or I am awesome or I am strong enough, you are opening yourself up for ultimate blessings. God will come in and use these words to take you to new levels that were unimaginable or bigger than the dreams that we envisioned for ourselves. You limit yourself and God when you speak negitive, always strive to have positive words to say about yourself, change the way you think of you and how you speak of yourself.

We have seen how words can affect our lives, but how do words affect other people in our lives? Well if we speak kind words and words to others we are opening them up to there blessings. They may already think negative of themselves and then we come in and speak negative of them it may be the final nail in the coffin so to speak, and they may think that this is who they are. We need to strive to have positive words for other people to build them up this not only solidifies our relationship and bond to them, but changes their attitudes as to who they are as well. If you are like me I have heard the old saying don’t speak unless you have something nice to say. Well this isn’t a bad quote negative words can alter and change people’s lives more than we would ever know. Let’s say for example if my wife was having bad day I could either help lift her spirits or continue to add more strife on top of her already bad day. Sometimes all it takes to lift someone’s spirits or brighten their day is just one compliment. Like in this situation with my wife just a simple baby you look good today can build her up and change this bad day she was having.
So strive to have positive words for yourself and for people around you. Lyft someone’s spirits and your own each and every day by speaking kind words and loving words, this is what Jesus would want us to do in our lives. If we cut people down with negative we are opening the door of failure to others and in ours as well. We are inviting evil in to take control! Don’t lose your blessing from God by speaking negative.

I know if you will do this it will change your life and the ones around you. So let’s be born into faith and let God lead our lives. If you want to do this today I encourage you to say this prayer,

Dear heavenly father, come into my life, put to death my old ways, help me be born into your faith, I Repent of my sins, and I accept you as my Lord and savior, amen.

If you said that simple prayer I know you’ve been born into faith, be open and ready for God to lead your life. If this passage has had an impact on you and you are ready to let God guide you on this path of life, please subscribe here on Faithborn.org/follow and share this message with someone you love today. Also leave some comments if this has altered your thoughts and has made the first step in your heart to follow Jesus in faith! Until next time thank you and God bless! Sign up today to become a member to receive premium content click link http://faithborn.org/membership

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