Have you Excepted the Exception

John 4:10 Jesus relied, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.”

Have you excepted the living water in your life? The living water of Jesus Christ? How much more will he have to show you, how many more times does he need to bear your cross? He has given you the keys to the kingdom why have you hid them out of site?

These are all questions we all must come to face, I face them in this life as well, sometimes I question “do I indeed have this living water”? But the undoubted answer is yes, yes we all have this living water and hold the keys to the kingdom, the same kingdom were God and Jesus live! You may think OK sure he is telling me I have this living water, well why do I still feel so dehydrated? In fact this dehydration of your soul is coming from a hiding, a hiding you may even be keeping secret from yourself. We hide our sins deep inside the vast chamber of our hearts tucked away for no other man to see, but can I tell you that Jesus sees into our heart, he see the deep dark places that we keep these secrets and sins. He already knows the shape of our hearts and the things we cannot let go of. He never intended for us to live this way to keep our hearts hardened and hid. Jesus is searching for your heart, a heart full of joy in acceptance of him and that he has given his life for ours. He has given his life up on that cross for not only me but for all of you too!

There is a story in John of the Samaritan woman, a woman that had been married 5 times and had been living in a home with a man that was not her husband. Jesus had been traveling from Judea back to Galilee from baptizing, he had to pass through Samaria were he had become tired and rested beside a well. This is were he had come to encounter the Samaritan woman when she had come to the well for a drink. He said to the woman “please give me a drink” the woman was surprised that a Jewish man was speaking to her, for Jews didn’t speak to the Samaritans. She asked Jesus with wonder “why are you asking me for a drink”? He replied to her “if you only knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you living water. But sir the woman responded you do not even have a rope or a bucket and this well is very deep, were would you get this living water? People soon become thirsty after drinking this water, but the water I give takes away all thirst altogether, it becomes a perpetual spring within them, giving them eternal life! All at once this lady wanted this life water Jesus had offered to her, he told her go and get your husband. But had already know she didn’t have one. He than began to tell her of her past husbands and sins, ashamedly the woman knew he was right and begin to see he was a prophet. Jesus then revealed just who he was and that anyone can come to worship God no matter sins, troubles, country they live or how hard their hearts had become. This gave hope to the unclean woman and she ran back to tell everyone of who she had meet at the well, and they to believed and worship God as well!

This should give all of us hope, no matter what background we come from or the sins we keep, that we to can come to our father and worship him! We can give our troubles and fears to him so he can break these chains around our hardened hearts, and set us free through his never ending love for us. This is our exception, the one way we can come to God and break free. God gave his son Jesus on the cross to save us from our sins. Without that unbearable crucifixion we could never expect eternal life! We would be trapped in our sins and be dammed eternally for our behavior. We have to open our hearts and our minds to except that Jesus did this for us, it is the way to the kingdom and promise we all were given. Don’t be so quick to dismiss this promise, take hope in what God has done for us and we can start to live the life we have always dreamed of and become the gate keeper of our own key to the kingdom. Just because you may not have opened up before and come to except this does not mean it is to late! You can come to Jesus and except this gift he has for you also of this life water! The key to this all is asking and having faith that he has died and covered your sins in his blood and nothing can stand in the way of your salvation!

As we experience this love of Christ in our lives it is important to share it also. Share his love and how he has come and given you new life. We should all share this great hope with all the people we care for, in doing so we are giving them the chance to save their own lives by coming to the lord as well. If we truly care for these people why would you not share this great hope! A hope for their salvation and life and eternal life, by doing so also in return telling the people we care for and spreading the message of Jesus will anew the great joy we have in Christ as well! There is never a better time for us and the ones we love to come to Jesus, I pray and hope that each and everyone that reads this will by faith come to except what Jesus has done for us and this great love and hope we can all receive. Don’t keep putting to death the hopes of this eternal life, give hope for a better future for yourselves and loved ones!

I want to give you that opportunity right here right now to come to Jesus and receive this life water! Just one simple prayer is all it will take to open your heart and mind to take in this new life! I hope each and everyone reading this will say this prayer either out load or it can be it your head Jesus can hear and receive this message either way.

Dear heavenly father, come into my life, help me to receive this life water you offer, help me to release my sins to you, and be reborn into new life through you. Amen.

If you have said this prayer I believe you have excepted Jesus into your life. I ask of you now to read your bible find a good church to call home and stay encouraged in this new life gift you have received today! If this article has helped you I encourage you to check out the rest of the content on Faith Born there are many great articles here to help you to stay encouraged along this path and journey! Here is a link to more great articles that I know will help you along the way if you enjoyed this one https://faith-born.com/blog Thank you so very much for checking this out and may God bless you!

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