The One Who You Give Time

John 6:68- “Lord, to whom would we go? You alone have the words that give eternal life.

For who or what do you give your time. Were your time is is were your heart is also. Are you giving most of your time to tv, work, hobbies or more sinful desires like drugs, alcohol, lust, temptations. Can I tell you today you were your thoughts are is were you are. We are all swayed at one point or another, and I can tell you I am swayed too. It can be easy to say “well tomorrow I will do this” or “this is who I am”. We form habits and traits that if we are not careful will control our time and thoughts. But God did not want it to be this way, he calls for our time and our thoughts to be on him. I am not saying don’t have good hobbies or take breaks, breaks and good hobbies or activities can help us to, but we are called to give our time to give our time to our father, a father that gives us the good things of this life and eternal life. So were is it you put your time and thougts, and how do we move from what controls our habits and thoughts and shift them to the lord?

Making a shift or transforming thoughts does not have to be hard, it is the little small shifts in our minds and actions that will lead to the grander picture. It takes time and a consistent persistence of these small actions. If you look back on your kids for example, did they not crawl before they could walk as a small child, or did they not fall off there bikes one hundred times before they gained balance to ride a straight path. Our habits and thoughts are the same way we have trained them and given them time to grow purposely or not. It can be gone to show us that we have to train our thoughts and behaviors in this same way to focus on the good things we want to grow in, giving balance or legs to stand on to our spiritual growth will take the same efforts and patients in the same manner. There are some mornings I wake and think “well I am tired, I can take the day to not do this thing or that”. Some days it is hard to focus or give attention to the things that we know are changing us for the good in our lives. But we have to retrain these thoughts into saying ” ok I am tired but I know this is for my good” and push forward in our good habits.

I am reminded of a story in the bible of Jesus himself good word, ” I assure you, unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood you cannot have eternal life in you”. But if you eat from the flesh or drink from his blood he will remain in you. Now of course this does not actually mean become a cannibal and eat human flesh or drink blood like a vampire. For most of you out there I am sure this is a pretty gruesome thing to even consider or imagine. But take hope the bible is not speaking of actually doing these things physically, no it is to be thought of mentally keeping a constant thought that Jesus came to earth as a human and had the same temptations and struggles of this life, this is the flesh. Jesus mention of his blood is the anticipation of his death on the cross in place of our sins. We are to partake and make Jesus the very center of our being- emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Keeping focus on him and the great things in this life and eternal life that he has done for us. God wants our hearts and thoughts to be on him, this is were our true change and hope comes from, the belief in God through his son Jesus.

Daily routine to focus on Jesus

It can be tough to focus on Jesus everyday, like I had mentioned earlier I struggle with this also. So how do we do this, the small things done day by day is going to grow into the big change, remember the crawl before walk. But take hope you can get there and Jesus is the help the hope and the savor, he wants us to do this and is willing to be with us the entire way. I want to give you want step I took in the beginning of my journey that helped grow me into the person I am today, am I perfect no there was only one man that walked this earth that was. I would encourage you to try this in your life. When you wake up in the morning make time to pray and read your bible. This does not have to be for a long time at first you can grow your way into this. Even if you pray and read for ten minutes in the morning you are making a start. But the key is making the time, even on the tough day when you just do not feel like it. By doing just this one small thing each morning it is going to start to become routine and part of who you are. Eventually this good routine and habit will turn to more focus each and everyday on God himself, and this is the point I want for all of you out their. This is our great hope for eternal life and ultimate best life here on earth, the focus on our father in heaven.

It is in my great hope that you will come to the father in heaven through the son Jesus. Remember each day you have the choice to give your time to the good the good that will give you eternal life in heaven. I encourage you if you do not have or would like to have a relationship with God to take this first action in the step to your salvation. It can start right here if you would I want you to say this prayer.

Dear heavenly father, come into my life, I repent of my sins, help me to be reborn into your faith, I know you are my lord and savor.

If you said that prayer I know he heard you and you have been reborn to a new you. One were God and Jesus live. Take hope in your salvation and know he is with you. I ask that you read your bibles and make Jesus number one in your life. As a quick reminder don’t forgot to sign up to receive our daily devotional email on our home page this will also keep you up to date with latest articles and our big news coming in near future, you will not want to miss this life saving event so get signed up today. If you liked the article and it has benefited you please consider giving a donation to our program and help spread the love of our lord all over the world. We are only able to keep are great work going with contributions from caring readers just like you. To do so please click this link here Thank you for your support and may God bless you.

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