3 Key Steps to Happiness

In life it can be extremely hard to be happy, but this does not mean that we can’t. Happiness comes from a state of mind, hope and faith. Today I want to talk about three key things that can help you get to this state. Doesn’t this sound like a state you would want to be in, instead of unhappy mind, body and soul. Unfortunately in today’s world it is so easy to be unhappy this world is full of it’s drama and stress and can way heavy on us a lot of the time. But we have to know who is in control before we can gain control. God is at the wheel and is in full control of our car, will you let him take control and not be a back seat driver, telling him we’re to go and how to get there. Let me tell you we are never in control God has the plans the perfect plans of were we are suppose to go, it’s up to us to choose if we let him steer. God hold the key to our happiness, so how do we get this key and unlock our happiness.

We learned God holds the key, now we are going to look into how we get that key. First step having a faith, a faith in Jesus, believing he died to save us from ourselves. Second love, love for our Father in heaven, ourselves and others. Third hope, hope in God,ourselves and future. These three things play a major impact on the happiness level we have and also to who we are and how we show up in our lives. If we can strive for these three thing I know that our happiness gauge will start to rise. So let’s take a look at these three things more in depth and why they mean so much in our lives.

1. Faith

With out our faith a faith that Jesus died for us to cover our sin, this life can feel overwhelming a lot of the time. Knowing we have someone in control that knows our story and loves us unconditionally this is what helps take that overwhelming sense of lost and lack of control away, because we are not made to have control. We were made to follow our God in heaven and let him have control in our lives. He will make the path we are meant to travel straight if we come to him and let him guide it. If we try to control this path it all to often becomes bumpy and crooked leaving us trying and struggling to regain control.


Love plays such a big part in our happiness, when we don’t love our God, ourselves and other with all of our hearts we can start to feel alone in this world. We were created to have love and give love and to never be alone in this life. This is why our father gave Eve to Adam in the very beginning of the bible in Geniuses. We should strive everyday to give God our hearts and love him with all of it. Love for yourself, is vital if you don’t love who you are and for what God has given and called you to be we can become someone we don’t know and loose sight of the gifts and things God has put in front of us. We have to be grateful and love each and everyday who we are and know I am a child of God and made perfect in his sight. Last and not least love others. Showing love to others not only shows God working through and in us but brings us closer to one another. Friends, neighbors and family’s are called to show love for one another and give help when help is needed. This love we show for one another changes deep with in who we are and helps change the world one act of kindness and love at a time. Strive each and everyday to show this love thru you and be a change not only for you but all around you.

3. Hope

When we have hope for ourselves and our future through God we hold a key to unlock our happiness. When we give up hope for our future and don’t have sense of direction it is all to easy to give up on our lives completely. This allows discouragement and fear to rear its ugly head into our lives. Never give up on yourselves and who you want to become, have hope and faith that our God is with you and will help guide you in this journey. Live out your dreams, hopes and passions and know you are a child of God and were created to do so much more, take great hope in yourself and believe in you.

So we have seen three key steps in finding true happiness, a happiness that not only changes who we are but the world one step at a time. When we show this kind of love,faith and hope we gain our true happiness. Never give up on you the way our savor Jesus never gave up on us. Take great hope that he is with you in good times and even in the bad. There is a purpose and plan for all things in this life and it is up to us to push toward the things that find ones true happiness.

If you don’t have a relationship with our lord and savor Jesus Christ I would love to help you take that first step today. I would love to pray with you and ask our father in heaven to come into your life. Would you pray with me today. “Dear heavenly father, please come into my life, change who I am and how I show up to this life, help me to follow you, I repent of my sins, its in your mighty name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen”. If you said this prayer I know God has heard it and will come into your life. Pray to him each and everyday and read your bible, I know he has big plans for you and your life.

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