God Can Take You To New Hights

Luke 17:6 “Even if you had faith as small as a mustard seed you could say to this giant tree, may God uproot you and throw you into the sea, and it would be done”.

What are you believing today? Do you believe that God in heaven through his Son can raise you to new levels? Are you hoping for new levels of health, finance, a better marriage, or a spouse to come into your life. Well you should, Jesus can take us to new levels of ourselves, levels we thought not even possible. He wants to raise us from our sorrows, pains, and struggles to be born in new life one through him were anything is possible. If we believe in Jesus we can accomplish anything in this life and beyond. We were called to be great, will you allow him to take hold and rise above what we think holds us back.

Can I tell you today that what you believe is holding you back is really pushing you forward. It is a set up to see if you can take these challenges, give them to God and learn from them. We don’t know what God has in store for us and these situations, but I know they are for our good. A good that will push us and challenge us to grow and become the ultimate us here on this earth. But what God is asking is if we will turn to him and trust that he will get us through these situations. If we can I believe God has a ultimate purpose for these things, and some how some way this is going to grow who we are and how we handle and perceive these things in the future.

Friends we all deal with set backs in our lives, but let me tell you these set backs can ultimately be a set up. How will you handle it and how will give these things to God so you can show off later in life. We ultimately grow from these set ups and can become the people we were called to be. Can you trust in our God to do this for you. If you are willing to let go and let loose in the things that hold you back and give it to God, he will come in and do extra ordinary things to you and your life. He wants us to be great and called to the people we were suppose to be.

It takes faith, faith in our God to make things change in our lives or to be set apart and taken to new heights. Like in the beginning of the article in Luke 17:6 “Even if you had the faith as small as a mustard seed you could say to this giant tree, may God uproot you and throw you into the sea”. This periable is showing us if we even have a tiny amount of faith that God can change us or set us to new heights it can be done. Either it is job, finances, addictions, or hopes to start a business, it just takes a tiny amount of faith in the beginning, but this faith once we see these changes come starts to grow us more and more into greater heights of faith and sets us apart from the person we once were. So take hope and faith today that our lord God in heaven will take us and change us, to be set to new heights.

I want to give you that chance right here right now to be set to new heights, all it takes is coming to God and asking for his forgiveness and strength to change our lives. If you would say this prayer with me I know God can come in and take hold and raise us to who and what we were called to be. If you will pray with me, “Dear heavenly father, come into my life, I repent of my sins, I trust and follow you to set me to new heights, I put my faith and trust in you, its in Jesus name I pray lord, Amen”. If you prayed this simple prayer I believe God is going to come into your life and take you to new levels. Put your hope and faith in him, know he is working with you and never against, Amen.

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