You Are Called to Be More

This life has its struggles and fears, it is all to easy to let all of these take control of your life if you are not careful you will start to call yourself these things. The enemy the devil will set you up for these things and make you feel this is who you are and have to be because you have been it for so long. Let me tell you friends you do not have to be called to struggle or have fears or be called not enough. Our God in heaven didn’t make us this way, we are called to be so much more. We are called enough, no struggle or fear can control you when you know who is for you. God has made us to be set apart, we are children of a great God who wants what is best for his children. To be more than enough, to be called fearless and no struggle in this life to be more than we can handle.

It’s time to make the choice to choose this is not me and I am free, free from what holds me back. Jesus has made me whole and it is time to be or call out what I was told was mine in this life, speak of the things you need or want and draw them to you. Blessings of favor and love are on the way, change is on the way. Call out your blessings and take what is yours. God has already promised you these things, he wants us to call out for them ask him for the things you need of this life. Just because you haven’t seen them before doesn’t meen they are not meant for you. You have to keep asking keep believing. Are you giving in to easy to the devil’s lies that he says about you. BELEIVE Bigger expect more, you are a child of God and as a child you have the keys to the kingdom a place in heaven with our God almighty.

But are you believeing in that, see this is what calls us to be set apart. Our beleif that God is working all things in this life for our favor, for our good. We can be let down in life sure, we can go through hard times. But it’s not who we are, we don’t have to be stuck and believe the lies of the devil. No tell the devil I am not these things. I am made and called for so much more. Call out what you need say it and believe it I am strong, I am made for so much more, I am healthy, I am made in God’s image. Even in the time were you know you made a mistake tell Jesus you are sorry and know he has heard you and forgives you, are you the one hanging on to the past mistakes. Jesus has forgiven you it’s time to forgive yourself. We all can make choices in life that we can regret that discission, but we have to let it go. So many times we can live in the past, well I made this mistake, God can’t love me or forgive me, but let me tell you he has he has forgiven you before you made this mistake. He knew you were before you were born and the choices that you would make. This is the reason for his son Jesus he took what was bad and delivered us from it, he took our sins on that cross so we can be forgiven.

It is no accident that what God has put in your heart and mind. Dreams, hopes, new levels are on the way purposly and if he didn’t want you to have it come true he wouldn’t have given them to you. What I’m asking is for your believe for it. You are going to receive more because of who your father is. Change your thoughts from I’m not, to I am. I am a child of God and his will is for my Good and greatness in this life. We all get to choose each and everyday between heaven and hell what choice are you makimg. Are you living and believing you are a child of God and I have a place in heaven. Or our you listening to the lair the snake the enemy the devil and what he says about you, your never going to be enough why bother to make things right. Why bother to gain God exeptance. But we don’t have to get God’s exceptance it is given he knows and loves you right were you are. Except him and his love and live, live like I am a child and I have my place I’m heaven.

I want to give you that chance right now right here. I would love if you would say this prayer with me and except Jesus into your life” Dear heavenly father, come into my life and change me, I believe you are my Lord and savior, Amen”. If you prayed this simple prayer I believe you have a new life awaiting you. One full of joy, strength, health, financial freedom and so many more blessings. Start living like a child of God read your Bibles and pray. If you have gained from this passage all I ask is that you share this with someone else’s so they to can learn the love of our God. You maybe just the person they needed in their life to help and change it. Also don’t forgot to become a Faith Giver and help support God’s message all over the world with us we need your gifts more than ever in a time were it seems the enemy is striking more than ever and destroying lives, to learn more about this go to thank you for your support it means so much and may God bless you. For more great reads like this one check out

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