Fear Habit

If you are human I’m sure you have faced some sort of fear in your life. Fear can pop up at the most inopportune time. It can hold us back and make us think we are not good enough or cut out for what we are doing. Fear is on of the most the most powerful things in this life that can hold us back from the things that we want out of this life. I have been crippled by this cold viscous thought and feeling in my life. Creating this website and content sure did bring up thoughts of fear, it would tell me your not good enough and nobody will listen or read these things. To be honest this feeling of fear almost stopped me from doing this all together. But if I had listened or let this fear control me altogether I would have never got the chance to talk and help as many people as I have with this site. So what I am saying and getting to is that if properly trained we can use fear to our advantage.

Fear is a God given feeling and it can keep us from harm and ultimately death. If we look back to when humans first roamed the earth fear was a good thing, it kept our ancestors from being gobbled up by wild animals or falling off a cliff. If they had not had this fear they would not have know that a dang tiger or lion would rip their face off. Fortunately for us now of days we dont have to fear or worry about a wild animal mauling us as much, so we have abopted or formed this fear to other things in our life. Our fear comes to us in much more less dangereous way we attach fear to things that wont ultimatly kill us at the end. For example if we go to the grocery store and forget to get an item that will finish or dinner preperations we tend to freak out panic that this is the end, nobody will get to eat and we are all going to starve to death. While yes it may take longer to get done we will not be killed off at the end. As humans we have attached this fear to many of our ordanary tasks in everyday life, telling ourselves that this task has a terrible outcome if we don’t get it right the first time everytime. We tell ourselves this over and over again, until our brain just does this for us without a thought. What we have done is formed a habit. A thought ourbrain takes control of that we don’t even respnde to anymore. But we can break these habits with work and retraining our thought habits.

We can attach a new meaning to this fear and redirect the though pattern on how we perceive these things in life that we fear. While yes some fear is a good thing because it keeps us from harm, to much fear can effect our body very negatively. Causing us stress and anxiety that can lead to some pretty harmful side effects to our body and mind. So if we can cut out some of this fear in our lives and rethink how we think of fear, we can take back control of our lives and live much more meaningful lives. We don’t have to live in so much panic and fear all the time.

I hope you will join in this Wednesday to my pod cast on this subject of fear and how we can move past this attachment we have to this feeling. I will talk more in depth on this topic and give you some resources to redirect your thought pattern attached to this habit in your life. There is no better time to take back our lives and be the ultimate version of yourself and live more meaningful purpose filled lives. Follow here on our website below and check out the pod cast and follow along over there. To check out the pod cast click on the link here http://faithborn.podbean.com and subscribe below all of this is free content to you and you will never be charged for it, thanks and God Bless you.

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