Call out to God

Psalm 40:13/ Please Lord, Rescue me. Come quickly Lord and help me.

For me a new found faith isn’t a one and for all experience. I have experienced set backs stumbles and falls in my faith in God. I beleive for most of us we experience deliverance and than later down the road we find we stumble and backslide in faith. We will continue to experience life, the tough times will not stop coming and things will not always be perfect, its how we will respond to these set backs. That will ultimately change our lives and lead us to the best version of us through God.

I have been learning and trying to apply one new very simple approach to my sins, struggles and set backs. I can say this new way of thinking and approach helps so very much and its probably one you know of but just dont apply as much as we should in this life. Asking God to help. When we pray to God and ask him to deliver us from these things and help he listens. He is the only one that has the power to make real lasting change in our lives. Jesus could heel the sick and the blind just by saying you are healed. So honestly think how much he can do for our lives.

Just as the title says “call out to God” ask for his help. Ask for him to forgive the set backs or incorrect choice we made. He is a forgiver and has covered our sins by the blood of Jesus. Now we cant just ask for forgiveness and purposely continue to do the things we have asked to be forgiven for. We have to strive to change our ways and our sinful habits.

I like to use and compare this in my marriage. If I upset my wife and we have an argument, of course I want to apologize and try to fix what I have done, but the ultimate thing I want to take away is the teaching moment. What did I learn, I learned that my actions or choice I made has now upset my wife, usually she will forgive me for this action and we move on. However if I were to do that which had upset her again, would she not be upset once again ( probably double). So I apologize again, she may forgive me a second time, but usually this time may take a little longer, but again in the future I make that mistake for a third time, what’s my point, at some certain time she is going to know in her heart and mind, that I may not care for her feelings in this action that I continue to make and she may start to believe I will ever change that action. I don’t want my wife upset with me and even more so I don’t want my God upset with me. The real point here is to make the right discussion that I am sorry and be forgiven and turn from that action leaving it in the past. Continuing to make the incorrect choices can start driving a wedge between you and your faith. Before long you start to beleive the lie you tell yourself that God can never forgive me.

Pray when it seems you can’t pray anymore God is listening

But our God doesn’t hold grudges against us, he forgives our sins but the key to his forgiveness is us asking for it. Sometimes we feel God cant hear or wont forgive us so we cry out to him in panic, wanting and beging for him to forgive us. But let me tell you friends God has forgiven us. He has sent his son Jesus to take away those sins from us. Take hope in this forgiveness but dont take advantage. Know you are forgiven and dont keep making those mistakes.

This kind of forgives reminds me of another person in the bible, Joseph. Joseph was the youngest boy in his family. Josephs brothers never cared for him. So the older brothers through Joseph in a pit. Then when they saw some travelers they sold Joseph to them. Joseph also ended up in jail, but poor Joseph he sure had seen his fair share of trials and struggles and people against him, but yet still kept his faith the entire time. One day Joseph ended up receiving and interpreting Pharos dreams for him and in return pharo freed Joseph from prison and not only that, made him  second in command. Later on in the story Josephs brothers meet back up with Joseph thinking he would judge them and condemn them for there actions. But to there surprise he only showed love and compassion. So what I’m getting to is God has this compassion for us and this forgiving love just like the example of Joseph. We have to be willing to forgive others, our selfs and know God has forgiven us also.

We have to take the steps and actions to learn from these mistakes, grow and change. Like Joseph learn to forgive other and ourselves. Take action in asking God for forgiveness and forgiving ourselves for past mistakes through prayer, I know we can take one step closer to becoming the ultimate version of ourselves if we can add this into our everyday routine. Past mistakes are just that past and as long as we strive to do better and be better for today and our future, we can set ourselves up for success. It takes work patience and a firm believeing in who our God is and the love he has for us. Pray everyday over everything. I want to give you the chance now to be reborn and follow Jesus and be forgiven of past sins, reborn to new levels of faith, if you would bow your head and pray this simple verse,

Lord God, come into my life, help me to be reborn in your faith, you are my Lord and savior, in Jesus name, Amen.

Friends if you prayed this short prayer I know you are reborn and saved by God. Read your bibles and pray everyday and keep your faith and God first in your life. If you liked this passage please share it with someone you love today. Also check out some more great reads at our website and get signed up there to get notifications on new articles post from me. Also follow and like here. If you haven’t listened to the podcast check it out on google play music at The Faith Born Podcast. Thank you so much for taking time to check all of this out. I hope you have an amazing week and God bless you.

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