You have Greatness in you

Welcome Im glad your here to today, and if you have found yourself here today I beleive it is not by accident you probably want to become more or be your best self or have that dream life. So Im going to cut to the chase and give you what you really want from this article. Each and everyone of is is uniquely designed by our creater to live out our purpose here on this earth, we all have our own set of skills that make us special for a role or task in this life. Sometimes it is truley listening and finding what that role is. We are designed with in us with some kind of greatness that this world or other people need from us. You yes you have the ability or special gift within you that will change someones life or benifit this world and leave your mark your legasy here on this earth. For some of us it maybe to be a great mom,dad, or freind. For others it maybe to start a business or manage a business. What ever it is whatever passion or calling it is for you, be your best at it, it will leave an inpact on this world and change lives.

So you are probably wondering, well all of this sounds great, it’s a great pep talk. Sure it’s sounds great but I don’t know what my passion is or what I am called to do or be. Well neither did I, it has taken many days and nights thinking what drives me, what do I wake up early thinking of and go to bed late at night thinking of. What makes me fired up or tick or so to say. Sometimes it takes being quit and really truly listening to what you probably already know about you, but we just get so loud in our everyday busy minds that we can’t hear what really fires us up and what our true gift or talent is. You maybe missing what your calling is but you do it everyday or at least think about it everyday. The key is is you have to really step back from yourself and think what gets me up in the mornings, what is my driving factor. For some it’s their kids or spouse or job. For some it’s writing, or drawing or creating. The key steps here is finding what makes you you and unique and then step into it, take crazy action on it. See many people think I’m going to be a better mom a better dad or I’m going to start this business or that business but never really take action on it. It’s just a thought in their mind and they never step into that thought. You will never become who you want to be without massive action.

Well yes nine times out of 10 this is going to make you feel very uncomfortable it is that uncomfortableness that will ultimately lead you to your best self. You may want to write a book or put a video out on YouTube and it’s a thought you’ve had on your mind but you never take action because you’re afraid of what someone may think of you.What we have to do is stop listening to the doubters and start listening to our passions. If it makes you tick and you get some Joy out of what you’re doing why not take the action.It makes you feel good and you should do something that makes you feel good and gives you some kind of purpose. Not listening and conforming to what everyone else may think. Anything we do in this life someone is going to have something negative to say it’s blocking out that negativity and using it almost as a fuel or a fire to keep going in the things that we know we want the most in this life. So if it is put on you and you feel you have the desire to step out in faith and lead your life with passion and purpose I encourage you to take action. Even if it isn’t perfect start small work your way into something big. If it’s a business you want to create but you don’t have all the tools or resources available to you to go big quick. Start small if you want to make a t-shirt business start with one shirt and sell that shirt. Then after that sell two shirts then after that sell three shirts just keep going keep driving and one day you will wake up and you will be selling a thousand shirts a day. The point is when you find your passion or your purpose step into it don’t worry about it being perfect just start somewhere. Start taking action on who you want to be.

Don’t wait for a perfect time don’t wait for a perfect opportunity because that will never come along. Nothing is ever going to be perfect it’s just getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. We all are going to fail we’re all going to have setbacks but it’s learning how to move past these fails and setbacks and keep pushing into what we know we want and what we know God wants out of our lives. We all have that special something within us it’s just unlocking it and taking action and pushing into what we know is our ultimate purpose. Also remember this one very important thing. God is always with us he is always helping us and walking with us in our time of needs fears doubts worries. He wants what’s best for our life also he wouldn’t have put this passion or this drive in your heart or your mind to let you keep failing. Sure there might be some test or some challenges where it seems tough and you want to give up. But what God is doing is setting you up so you can handle these bigger things in the future when there is more responsibility. Push past these setbacks and keep pushing for who you want to become.

So don’t give up don’t give in if it’s a life that you want to live it’s worth doing. You have greatness within you unlock your purpose find your passions and live in each and every day. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you can’t do this, you are someone special and you were created special with your own very unique talents and skills and someone out there needs those talents and skills from you. It’s never too late you’re never too old or too young to find your passion and live out your dreams. Keep pushing keep trying to take action on who it is you want to be in this life. I truly hope this is helping someone out there today and it’s the fire or the words you needed to start taking action today. I believe you are great and have a special gift for this world locked inside of you, it’s time to give that gift to the world. If this passage has helped you please check out my website and follow along there. You can also find me and follow along on Instagram twitter or facebook at Faith Born were I will help encourage each and everyone of you to find your passion and live your best life today.

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