#1 Thing Your Wife Needs

Thanks for coming today, I know this is the number one article to change your life, and focus in on your marriage.

Today I want to talk to the men out there, this is for you all and it’s one of the best peices of advise I could give you, man to man.

So I’m going to jump in and get to it!

Husband’s, men, listen up! Take time thinking about your wife, show her she is number one in your life.

I have not been great at this and it has hurt my marriage tremendously, to the point of almost divorcing.

If you don’t follow me here or know my story this is my marriage from a 100000 foot view. I have been married for going on 14 years now.

I started off showing my wife all the attention she could handle. But as time went on I slowed down more and more.

Just being complacent thinking she knows I love her and will always be there.

Let me tell you men, you can grow apart in your marriage and maybe that’s were you are at today.

Our wives feels lonely, unvalued, and probably unwanted mentally and physically (and yes I mean sexually).

When we don’t feed our wives with the love and the attention she needs, they can get to this level of unwantedness.

She just wants to know we still love here we still value her and care for her and our marriage.

If you or your spouse are at this point in your marriage, it’s never to late. Fix it show her you still care if you truly do.

Give her your time your emotions your heart. Stop letting the other destractions take her place.

Is your marriage more important or your golf game or your job. If you truly want to stay happy in your marriage, you have to show you still want to be there.

It’s not enough to come home and tune out to the t.v. or a game or hide in the garage. Spend time talk, walk together, hold her hand.

Make time to show her she is the most important thing in your life.

Like I said I’m not perfect no one is, but we can learn we can grow and strive for perfection.

It doesn’t mean we will always get it right. But if we are trying really, I think that’s truly how we win back our wives trust, love and heart.

There’s no magic trick or a dumb freaking hack.

It all falls on us men, the leader of the house. If your marriage has taken a dive, it all comes down to you.

You are doing something wrong, it’s time to wise up men. Take responsibility.

Am I really trying as hard as I could? Am I really in tune to how my wife feels?

Chances are we have got darn lazy on the men our wives need from us.

So here is how it is men, get in tune get in touch. Start being the men we are called to be!


If you want love, passion, meaning back in your marriage men it’s time to start thinking of our wives first.

Stop putting your lady on the back burner but put her along side of you.

If you think of your marriage as anyone of your other passions and yes you should be passionate about your marriage.

You would be putting the time in to grow and stay close to her. Perfecting your love and her love together.

Just like you perfect your golf swing or perfecting your hunting skills.

It’s going to take time, practice, and you truly puting in the effort to show your wife just how much she means.

It won’t always be perfect but you and her will be so glad you did it.

Your love, your support and over all life will improve with this one simple tip.

Give time to your wife.


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Thanks for coming by today, until next time, keep taking action to unleash the greatest you on the world. God bless.

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