3 Best Ways Stay Motivated

Do you ever start something and feel so motivated at first only to loose momentum in the future and give up?

Chances are if your like me you have. Keeping momentum and that fire lit under your behind is tough, expecially if you hit snags along the way.

So I have compiled 3 great ways to keep that fire lit and momentum going when we are trying to obtain goals or accomplish task:

My List to Keep Momentum

Try these 3 tips when you start your next task, they have helped me in the past I’m sure they will help you also:

#1. Be patient, we get to hard on ourselves and think some things will just happen overnight. Slow down work on things in time.

#2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we get down and out when what we expect to happen doesn’t happen when we think it should. Then we assume it just won’t happen and give up.

#3. Tell yourself your worth the efforts, its all to easy when things get hard to feel like we are not even worth the trouble of continuing to make the effort.

Use these 3 motivating factors the next time you get stuck.

Remember you are worth the wait and the time you spend to better yourself is so worth it!

If we better us and take time to change who we are, we are more capable of being even better for the people we love in this life and depend on us the most.

Why is it Important to Think This Way

We all have greatness inside of us, we have something the world needs or other people need from us.

We also have to think of ourselves and value what think of us also.

Making a shift or changing to become the ultimate version of us is not always going to be easy.

You have to be patient, understanding, and know that you are so worth it.

You are worth every minute you spend on yourself.

Motivating yourself is so vital, most of the time we don’t get it from the people we around.

Also who can care for us more than we can. Keep your best interest in mind and know you are made for so much more.

You can achieve anything in this life that you set your mind to, you have blessings in you that set you apart from anyone else on this earth.


Take time to know what you want, and think about how you are going to get there.

Make a plan, and tell yourself you will become this or overcome this.

But remember you probably will hit snags along the way. Keep your head up and don’t beat yourself up.

Know it will take patience, not being so hard on yourself, and a determination that you are worth it.

I beleive we are all worth such a great value in this life, and we all have the ultimate version of ourselves begging to be released from within.

If You Gain Value From This

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Beleive in you, start taking action to become your version of great today.

I truly hope this has helped all of you, I look forward to talking to each of you when you follow.

Take action you have greatness inside, God bless.

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