Confessions of a Lustful Mind

Matthew 5:28 But I say, anyone who looks at a woman with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

For so long now have I been trapped! For so long have I been held in contempt of my own thoughts and feelings of the impure!

Thoughts of sex and temptation, alone are my thoughts in the darkest hour of the night.

Ripping and tearing, marking my soul of evil wicked ways of the seductress!

It is said in the Bible that any man that even looks at a woman with lust in his mind has already committed adultery.

For so long now had my own mind and soul been feed with this desire, for so long has my mind been corrupted with these evil thoughts!

Fourteen years of marriage to a woman that God has choosen for me, slips away because of my impure desires of the mind.

Listen to my words brothers for I have walked the road of the wicked, I have drank from the cup of sorrow and condemned my own soul to the grave!

Lust and sexual immorality has no room in our minds, we should not make a bed for our wicked thoughts!

For so long have I allowed for these evil spirits to take hold and bound me to the grave. For to long have I allowed my mind to intertwine these thoughts and tell me this is who I am!

No! For today is the day I stand firm in what my God tells me. I pray for the wisdom to overcome these wicked ways.

Sexual lust for another leave me, leave my mind leave my thoughts and my heart be!

For my God tells me I am strong, I am redeemed and I can fight you!

Allow only pure thoughts in and feel my minds darkest places!

For only God can take a mind so woarped and restore it!

Brothers, men of God take action today, save your marriage, save your own soul from defeat!

Take a stand to remove this evil in your soul. For it is not of God to lust after another. Do not desire your nabors wife, expecially of you that have a God given one at home!

Pray to God for your own marriage, as I have to pray for mine now in these darkest of times!

The devil will try and temp us, it is up to us and only us to resist!

The temptress will come and try to lead us to the grave, but we the children of Christ Jesus can say to her, No! No more, for I am free from you and your wicked ways!

Be brave be strong in the Lord, for we have God on our side!

A God that desires our hearts and our minds to be pure. He will make a way, a way to remove these evils from our lives!

Pray men, no beg men of God to stand up against this evil temptress! Our we to shall be digging our own grave!

People of God if you have this wicked spirit I talk about today, of lust and sexual sin.

If your mind is cluttered with porn, or impure thoughts of sexual sin and lust, I beg you to pray with me today!

Lord God, come into my life, free me from this sexual sin that has has held me captive for so long, rid my mind of all these impure thoughts, I come to you broken hearted and make you my Lord and savior. Amen.

If you prayed this I know God has heard your request. Stand firm fill your mind of pure thoughts. Read your Bible and stay in faith that God has his hand on yours and my life!

If you need this type of encouragement in your life please be sure to follow me at and know God loves you and wants the best for your lives.

Thanks for reading this I hope it encourages us to make changes in our lives. God bless you!

Published by Faith Born

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