Stop Living Your Past Story

We do not heal the past by living there, we heal the past by fully living in the present…

Often we get caught up living in our past. Our past mistakes or regrets.

But let me tell you that when you live in the past you are not fully able to live in the present.

We never fully see what we have here right now in this moment. We can get caught in the trap that our past is who we are.

But all mighty God has a different plan for you, you are not your past mistakes, you have power inside of you to change any situation.

Break free from any old story, old habits or addictions.

You are set free, sometimes it maybe difficult to see. We are not who our parents are or their story or the way we were raised.

No we are different, we are called to be different by God. We have change in us that will set us up for blessings and new life in God.

Freedoms from our past sin, or past bad habits.

Freedom from poverty, or depression.

But the thing we aren’t doing is acting that part. We tell ourselves we are still this old person.

Or I will never be free of this, we don’t tell ourselves we are already free. We have already overcome.

For many years I have lived with the sin of lust. Lust for other woman other than my wife.

This lust was so strong and so present that it caused me to act upon it and cheat on my wife.

It has destroyed my relationship, my wife’s feeling for me, and has threatened to destroy and rip my family apart.

But what I have learned is I am living in the past. I never thought I can be free from this.

I thought that my past mistake had to be my present story.

My family that I grew up with and generations before me had this same addiction.

I will never break free, this is who I am this is were Im gonna stay.

But let me tell you when I dove into the word of God and see what he had to say about me and my past it changed something.

I found I had to pray to God and ask for his forgiveness and then forgive myself and vow that I will now change my story and not relive or make those same mistakes from the past.

Something on the inside of me said NO, this is not who I am this is not who I am supposed to be.

I am living my past story, God has a new one for me today and I will break free I will move on.

This is what I want for your lives today. Change your story, know the all mighty God is for you and you never have to repeat your past mistakes or sins.

You have the strength and the power to rewrite who you are today and for your future.

All it takes is asking God to come in and change you inside out, give you show you the strength you need for this change.

If your ready to make this change in your life today and except Jesus as your Lord and savior I ask that you pray with me.

Lord heavenly father, come into to my life, change who I am help me stop reliving my past story, I make you my Lord and savior, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer I know God has his hand on your life and he is ready to help you rewrite your story.

Read your bibles, stay in faith, and put God first in all you do and I know this change is coming for you!

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Thanks for stopping in and checking out the program. See you next time and God bless you!

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