What is true happiness

True joy comes from doing the things we are pleased at doing.

If the things you are doing do not bring you Joy or happiness I find that I am miserable.

It’s very hard to continue doing the things we are miserable doing.

So if you find that passion that one thing you enjoy, heck it could be several that’s great to.

Don’t let them go, do the things that bring you Joy.

True joy, not faked or forced, but true joy.

I believe this is what true happiness really is.

God gives us all a unique perspective on things, what one person loves maybe hated by another.

But stop worrying what others will think, it’s your life if you are truly enjoying or love what you do, I say go for it.

You only get one trip on this Earth, why should it be a miserable one.

Maybe you don’t really have that hobby or passion yet, so how do you find it?

For me and what I am doing is just trying new things, if I think it sounds fun or interesting I just given it a shot.

I may find out a week, two weeks a month down the road that it’s not for me but hey now I know.

Life is about risks and trial and error, we are never going to have it all figured out but if we can find the things that give us passion and some happiness why not do those things?

So if you want true happiness, true joy, put yourself out there. Trust God has your back and do them.

You will never know or learn if you don’t take a chance. You will never grow if you don’t have faith.

My one hope for you who read this is to know it’s never to late to take a chance on you.

Find your passion find, your true happiness!

I know this was a short message, but I believe it is a powerful one.

Please share this with someone you love, be a change in there life too.

Like and follow here today as well. I pray each and everyone reading this will take that step in faith today. God bless.

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