Make your past your opportunity

” We too, can turn our obstacles into opportunities to share our faith.” Acts 28:1-10

Thanks for joining me here today.

I want to talk about making your past your opportunity.

What exactly does that mean?

Everyone has a past story of obstacles we have been through in life. Or maybe you are going through that obstacle today.

Obstacles are the hard times in our lives that we didn’t see a way out but God did and he pulled us through and out of the fire.

I believe God allows us to go through these obstacles to turn them into good.

It not only shows us that God is on our side, but also we can sometimes use that past story to help others dealing with the same obstacles today.

For me I like to talk about how God saved me from my lust and drinking addiction.

I tell my story and how God has brought me through to others that maybe in the same boat right now.

Our past story is just that the past story, God would not have let us go through them if it wasent for our good or for the good of someone else’s story.

It reminds me of Paul’s story in Acts, Paul was arrested and persecuted in the entire book of Acts.

But Paul knew it was for a purpose and God had plan for him.

He still stayed faithful and preached along his journey even in the midst of the storm.

Paul went on at the end of Acts to proclaim the word of God and save many lives.

We have to have faith like Paul, even in our storms knowing God has a plan for us and our lives.

The trick is to use our bad times God has overcome for us as a gift in someone else’s bad times.

We all have ups and downs but as believers in Jesus we have to stand firm and know we will change someone else’s life by sharing our story and how God has pulled us through.

So think about your story today and how God pulled you up from the ashes.

Use it to help someone else in their struggle.

Let’s pray today for our story and help it save someone else’s life:

Lord father, thank you for my story I know it has a purpose and a plan, help me share my story and how you saved me, thank you Jesus for all you do for me, it’s in your mighty name I pray Jesus, Amen.

Thanks for joining in today, I hope God has put this message in front of you for good.

Tell your story help save someone else’s life in their time of need.

Like, follow, and share this message with someone today.

Until next time God bless you!

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