Today is a gift

Welcome back today I want to talk about the a gift that is being given to you right now.

That is the gift of today. Are you seeing it as a blessing? Are you thankful you got out of bed today?

It’s all to easy to focus on the negative and say, I have to go to work, or man another day living the way I don’t want, were I don’t want to be at.

But we have to turn that way of thinking away, start saying I am blessed I get another day to change the situation I am in.

If you have bad feelings for a job, a life situation gone wrong, people doing you wrong. Guess what God gave you this day to change it.

You have another day alive and well to change all the other things in your life. We should feel so blessed he has done that for us.

It could be the other way around and we don’t wake up for another day.

Take hope that God loves us, Jesus saved us and never stops giving us exactly what we need in life right when we need it.

Can you just thank God today that he has given this day just for you.

Start thinking everything in my life can be worked on can be changed because God has given me this one more day.

Friends please share this message with a friend today, be the change in their life.

I hope this has helped, please don’t forgot to follow, like and share this message.

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Thank you for your support and until next time God bless you!

Published by Faith Born

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