Struggles have a end

Welcome back I am glad you are here, that being said I feel you are not here by mistake.

God lines up what we need in life each and everyday.

I want to talk about struggles today. Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls.

We get stuck in the mind set that this is it for me.

This is how I will live out the rest of my days.

But take hope, God doesn’t want us to live this way. He says that he has made you complete and perfect.

He says that you are an overcomer, a warrior, a mighty child of God.

It is said in the Bible that we should take our burdens to him. Pray for the things we need.

Hold strong in your faith friends and know that there is an ending to all of our struggles.

It all started when Jesus took our cross. Hope, change, restoration had its place up on that cross with him.

No more struggles, bad times, hard times for we have been set free, because Jesus led the way.

It is time to finish it, all struggle, all heartbreak, all the wrong that has been done to you, lay it at his feet.

He is a good caring God, are concerns are his. Can you let them go to him today?

Take hope that your future is free from all these set backs.

You are made new in the site of the Lord.

If you would pray with me today and be set free from all the troubles of your life, lay them at Jesus feet:

Dear heavenly father, thank you for taking my struggles on that cross, give me strength today to overcome the obstacles in my life, thank you Lord for you, you are a good father, it’s in your mighty name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen.

Take hope that you are restored, you are called to be new in the arms of our Lord Jesus.

Thank you for being here today, I know change is coming to your life.

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Until next time take care and may God bless you!

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