Be Patient your blessings are on the way

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Today I want to talk about something all of us can work on a little more in this life.

Patience, patience waiting for blessings, that job, to happen or it could be patience for kids or loved ones in this life.

Sometimes it can seem we pray and wait, pray and wait then we try and take on the obstacle by ourselves.

We dont practice our patience very well. But let me tell you the longer you wait for this blessing the bigger it will be.

God is working on your blessings he has it all planned out for our good but the key to it is that it is in his own time.

Sometimes we get to eager waiting on these blessings and we try to take matters into our own hands.

When we do this Gods hands aren’t on this movement. We can take away the blessings when we dont allow God to take care of it.

Having patience is a though habit to create for ourselves. I know personally for me patience has always been a struggle.

If I get it on my mind I have to have it or get that thing done, I can’t wait, patience for me is almost none existing.

But lately I have been adopting a new way of looking at patience, I have learned that patience is called for if we want to have ultimate blessings in this life.

Patience shows God that we are able to do well were we are and what we have and that we can be trusted in the future to handle more.

It shows God we are trusting in him. God has your blessings, lined up. Blessings of promotion, finances, love, and our ultimate life.

We all want our ultimate life and we want it now.

Friends if we want the maximum blessings on our lives we have to practice our patients, be put to the test by God to see if we can be patient were we are at and wait for his timing his hand to bless us.

Don’t take it away and force things to happen. Things will turn around, our God loves us and always takes care of us.

He is never going to leave us without. Also with this being said he is a loving caring God, if you haven’t had patience in the past and forced something to happen in your own time and it didn’t work, he doesn’t hold that against you, you have another chance to learn this patience.

It doesn’t keep you from your blessings. It’s not a one time deal and your out, our Gods patience is limitless and he wants us to succeed in this life.

Keep dreaming, keep trying, keep going for that goal he is working right now on your ultimate future.

It’s is said in Romans 12:12 be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

What I beleive we are told here is to be joyful over everything it is to easy to loose your joy, and let negative situations drag us down, but we have to stay joyful and know God has a purpose and a plan for every situation.

He wouldn’t let you go through it if there wasent something good for his glory or yours on the other side.

Were told to stay patient in affliction, when yes times are tough or we get caught in a bad situation all to often it’s easy to try and fix this on our own.

But if we be patient and allow God to fix this bad break for us we will come out the other side more blessed for having the strength to wait for our Gods timing.

Staying faithful in our prayer to the lord each time we face opposition will help give us the courage and strength to know our blessings are on the way.

It keeps us connected to God and shows him we are waiting on his hand to release us from this situation we are in.

My point here is we have to trust God, give him our faith that he is moving our mountains.

That we don’t have to force his hand. He is a loving God and wants us to be free from all that troubles us in this life.

Pray to him ask him for the strength to be patient, keep an open line to the Lord in your prayer.

Take hope that your blessings your freedom, your best self is on the way. No troubles in this life will hold you back from becoming the person our God calls you to be.

I beleive if you can do this you will be taken to new heights and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Keep working, keep on beleiving in faith that you are set free and your troubles behind you.

I know if you do this God has you in his hand and is ready to set you apart.

I want to give you the chance right now to make the Lord your savoir today a chance for a fresh start, to be reborn to a new level of faith. If you would say this prayer with me.

Lord God, come into my life, help me be reborn into your faith, you are my Lord and savior, Amen.

If you said that short prayer I know you are reborn a new you into God, keep him first in everything that you do, put him into your life give him control, he is a loving God, make sure you read your bibles pray to him he has your best life ahead of you today.

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