For you are not alone

Welcome back, today I want to talk about how we are never alone when we have God to lean on.

For God never abandons us in our time of need. He always is willing to lend a ear.

It may not seem he is with us when we have our struggles. But he is really the one fighting them for you.

See as we are humans we do not have the strength alone to battle the enemy who is the devil.

But know we have an everlasting God on our side. He never fails us, never lets us walk alone.

We are called to be bold, brave, confident in the Lord. Every bad break is seen and heard by our father.

He is always for us, never against us. Take hope that our God in heaven cares for you.

Take your worries and cares to him. Though it maybe difficult to always think he is there.

Or say why God would you let me struggle this way. But know he is making us stronger.

He knows what is for our good and for our story.

Take hope like John in the bible. Though he was thrown in jail, and did nothing to earn it.

He still sang praises to the Lord. How much more does Jesus love us, who are his children, brothers, and sisters.

For we have the creator of the world on our side, fighting for us, rooting for us to overcome.

Have faith that you have been set free from all that holds you back.

Take faith that we are not alone and he who loves us is always listening and preparing the way for us.

He knows every heartbreak, every struggle or worries before we can see them.

What we have to do is keep the faith of Jesus, believe he has taken the burdens for all of us!

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