In the beginning…

Welcome back, if you have been here before thank you for coming back to the program.

If you haven’t been here before please take minute to follow the program, so you can stay up to date with God’s love for all of us.

This program is intended for all of you today, it’s absolutely free and I make no money from doing this.

So please follow along, like, and comment if you get value out of the program. Also if you could share this with someone today either on your social media or other places please help in doing so. Be the change in someones life today.

So let’s get started with the program, today I want to talk about the beginning. We all know God created the earth and everything in it at the beginning.

But I want to talk about our beginning, the start of our life.

We all are born with the love of God in us. But over the course of our life we get bogged down by life.

Other people’s influence and the world’s influence clouds our vision of Jesus and what he has done for us in this life.

I want us all to get back to seeing that love more clearly. Uncluttering our minds of the world’s influence and bad habits.

So how do we do this we have to take time everyday to just be quiet and still. Away from everyone else and just listen and pray and hear what God has to say to us in our quite time.

I get caught in the world, and all the things in a days time I have to get done. But what could be more important than giving thanks to our God.

Or hearing the love and the blessings he has for us. Wouldn’t you like to have that piece in your mind, your body, of that kind of love.

Wouldn’t you like to detach from the Hussle and bussle of everyday life.

This is how we cleanse or body and detox from what life has thrown our way each and everyday.

Get back to the beginning, the beginning of Gods amazing love for all of us.

I can say I don’t have it all figured out yet and some days I can forgot to do this in my own life. But the days I can take that time seem to calm me and unwind my cluttered mind.

This is my hope for all of you, take time to hear from our God, just be quiet and be still, open your mind and soul to receive blessings from our Lord.

If you can do this I know God has amazing things to say to you on your life.

He has called you for more, more blessings, more joy and happiness.

I want to take time to pray for us all today to receive this message from God if you would pray with me:

Dear heavenly father, thank you for your blessings, help me hear from you today of the blessings on my life, thank you for all you have for me and my life Lord, you are my Lord and Savior, it is in your mighty name I pray Jesus, Amen.

If you prayed that small prayer I know God has amazing things in store for your life.

Be sure you pray, read your bibles. Make Jesus number one in your life.

Thank you for coming today I hope this helps bless your life today.

Please don’t forgot to share this with someone today on social media if you gained value. Help be the change in their life and spread the love of God all over the world.

Until next time may God bless you!

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