Not were I was…

Thanks for coming today, we all have a purpose in life I want to show you how to live yours out to the fullest.

I want to talk today about you are a work in progress. I sure know that I am.

God has allowed so many different things in this life for me, some took more work and effort to come out of than others.

But when I look back at those things it sure is a good feeling to say look were I am today, glory to God I made it through that.

I could have stayed there and lived in my past sins or failures, but I sure am glad God gave me the strength to know this is not who I was called to be.

Many of you maybe right there in that same spot feeling like this is it I can’t get past this one. But let me tell you to look back at all the other situations you may have been in that you felt the same way.

Did you get through that. We are not perfect, there was only one man who walked Earth that was, his name was Jesus.

We can, you can overcome the hurdles in your life, right here today.

Give it to Jesus pray for the strength you need, and say to yourself I ain’t were I want to be but I sure in the heck ain’t were I used to be.

We all face challenges, it’s how we deal with those challenges and say either I am going to get through this or I just give up.

Let me tell you as humans we are not made to just give up. We are called by God and he puts it in our hearts and minds that we are made for more.

Think about a ruff spot in your life, were you not sad or upset maybe even depressed. Those feelings are not called for us.

We are made to be full of joy, hope, faith. So don’t beat yourself up friends.

Know you are called for more, and keep reminding yourself I am not were I want to be but I ain’t were I used to be.

Let’s pray together and make God number one in our lives:

Lord God, I repent of my sins, thank you for bringing me out of the fire, give me strength to overcome in this life, I make you my Lord and Savior, it’s in your name I pray Jesus, amen.

Thank you for showing up today I know God has big plans for your life. Keep him first place in all you do.

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