No more excuses…

Welcome back, I hope you are enjoying and taking value from these articles.

Today I want to talk about how we can make excuses in this life. Excuses on how we need to change but find reasoning to keep living our old story.

I’m not talented enough, or my family never did it this way, or I’m from this town no one ever changed from here.

These are just some excuses made, other might be I’m not smart enough, talented enough. These are not good enough thoughts, these thoughts limit us from our full potential.

It’s time to rewrite what we think of ourselves, we need to start having “I am thoughts”.

I am smart enough, I am talented enough, I have what it takes to become more, to become better.

When we start telling ourselves this our mind goes to work rewriting what we believe in ourselves.

God doesn’t want us to think less of ourselves, he knows he put more in you, God knows you are called for more.

The thing is, is that you have to believe in that. Stop telling yourself the wrong story.

God put big dreams, big plans in all of us and we can’t get there telling ourselves we don’t have enough.

Stop limiting yourself, you are the one in the way of you. Other people can’t hold you back from what God says about you.

We all have what it takes inside of us to accomplish what dreams God has given to us.

David wouldn’t have ever slain his giant if he had this I’m not good enough excuses train of thought. No, he had to believe he could, because God said he could.

Start telling yourself a different story, one of a bigger purpose, dreams coming true, more than you could ever imagine beleif system.

If you do this I know that God is going to go to work inside of you!

Let’s take a minute to pray to our Lord for this kind of beleif:

Lord God, thank you for today, thank you for telling me a different story on my life, help me to believe I am more through you, it’s in your mighty name that I pray Jesus, Amen.

If you prayed this I know God has big plans on your life. Start telling yourself you are made for more.

Limit your excuses mindset and rewrite who you are and were you are. You can do this, I believe I am writing to more talented strong believing people!

Thank you for stopping in today, I hope this helps in motivating you to do more and be more right were you are today.

If this has please take time to like, follow and share this message today. It would help out so much in my plans to share God’s love all over the world!

Thank you again and until next time may God bless you!

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