Addiction no more…

Welcome, I am glad your here today, I want to talk about something that is on my mind tonight.

It is one of addiction, addiction comes in many forms and we all maybe addicted to one thing or another.

It could be drugs, porn, eating, even phones or other people.

Addictions hold us back, take down relationships, break hearts, and kills.

In some way we all carry some kind of an addiction. But I am here to say today if you are and you are ready to break free I have the way.

God! God says we do not have to live in bondage with our addiction. We can break free.

We are not what controls us, we are more, we are free people. Free to write and tell any story we want of ourselves.

God is our strength and our rock when we are caught in the chains of an addiction.

He has the powers to free you from whatever it maybe.

The key is to have the faith and the strength in him. What more did Jesus suffer the cross for than me and you.

I have had my addictions, heck I still have some, glory to God they are not what they used to be.

But with God on our side we have what we need to say no more.

No more struggle, no more heartbreak, no more hurt. We are set free.

You have heard if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. But I say if you put our God to it you can do even more.

Can you have the faith to say to God, Lord today is the day, no more!

Give it to God, have him fight your battle, and know he says you are his and you are free.

If you can do this I know chains of binding are going to fall off. The way of life you have known for so long will be no more!

I want to give you a chance to pray with me and say no more if you would pray this with me:

Dear heavenly father, thank you that you have set me free, thank you for breaking chains of addiction that I have had for so long, you are my Lord and savior, I cry out for you Lord, it’s in your mighty name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen.

If you said this prayer, know the Lord has heard you, and it’s time to break free!

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Thanks again for stopping in, until next time may God bless you!

Published by Faith Born

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