What are you holding to…

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Today I want to talk about forgiveness, and how we are called to forgive others.

If we harbor hate in our heart or an anger for someone all to often it hurts us. We are called to let go of that anger and release it to God.

If we live in our old hurts, our past mistakes we can’t open up and step into the new blessings God has for us today.

My question is are you living in the past, well they did me wrong, or I lost that job?

It’s time to let it go, start living for today. See God has so much in store for us today and our future!

But we have to let go of our past. What is in our past does not have to define us or hold us back today.

Psalms 86:5 tells us, Lord you are good, so ready to forgive, so full of unfailing love for all who ask for your aid.

The thing about that scripture is God has forgiven us have you forgiven you!

Stop holding on release it, but Randy I can’t I raised my kids wrong or I got a divorce.

These things don’t define who we are today, stop telling your past story.

Let go and let God, God is our source to make past wrongs write. Let him take care of our past wrongs or hurt.

What I’m asking is that we look to the blessings of our future. If we can do this I know we will change our story.

We are called for so much more, are we stopping ourselves from our blessings?

Im not going to sit here and pretend I have it all right, I’m not perfect by any means. I still have the times were it is very hard to release that hurt and pain.

But when I feel those feelings come up and show itself, I do my best to ask God to release it from me.

It doesn’t always happen on the spot, it maybe down the road that I am able to let it go.

But what I have to do is go back and tell either myself or other “hey I’m sorry I have wronged or hurt you”.

Start living a forgiven life, one were you can let it go, if you do I believe God will start going to work!

I want to give us all a chance to be free, free from past hurt or wrongs, if you would pray with me:

Dear heavenly father, thank you for forgiving me, help me to forgive others the same, you are my lord, you are my savior, it’s in your mighty name I pray Jesus, Amen.

Thank you for coming today, I hope you leave inspired and encouraged to let it go today.

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Thank you again and may God bless you!

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