Why You Should Never Give Up…

Welcome back to Faith Born, I’m glad your here. I know this is going to help and set you up to become the best you possible.

This could be in what ever you have on your heart that you know is going to change your life.

It could be anything from I want to be better dad, mom, wife, husband.

Or maybe your best version of you looks like a new job, or your own business.

Today I want to talk about chasing your dreams. Your dreams of a better you a stronger you, one that is living life to the fullest however that may look to you.

Many of us have a dream or goals for our future, but sadly we don’t know how to start or get there.

But God has the way for us, it is coming to him. God has our ultimate future ahead.

It’s just giving control to him and allowing God to open up your line of blessings.

Can you step out in faith, can you believe our father in heaven has greatness lined up in front of you.

Dreams or goals are given to us by our father, and he wants us to have them and make them come true.

The key is we have to believe in him, know he has it on the way for us.

If we start loosing hope, or faith, that God has this for us we can give up on those dreams.

If we look at the bible of all the blessings Jesus did in his walk on Earth it should give us great hope.

Jesus healed the blind, healed the sick, and even raised from the dead.

Why wouldn’t he be able to give us our dreams and help cure us.

Take hope today that God is working and always will as long as we hold to our faith and not give up on our dreams!

I would like to take the time to pray for all of us today if you would say this prayer with me:

Dear heavenly father, thank you for my blessings, thank you for my dreams and goals, thank you for new blessings and opportunity in my future, it’s in your mighty name I pray Jesus, Amen.

Thank you for coming today don’t give up on you don’t give up on God. Hang on to the heavenly blessings that God has lined up for you.

Please don’t forgot to like, follow, and share this message. So we can share the love of God all over the world.

Until next time may God bless you!

Published by Faith Born

Welcome to Faith Born, our mission and main goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage Christian believers in their faith in God and walk with Jesus. It is in our belief that Christian strength is rooted deep by hearing the word of God. Be sure to follow here today to strengthen your foundation of our Christian beliefs and receive all our latest messages.

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