Live confident live bold…

Welcome back, I’m glad your here I want to start today of a little different to help us receive blessings from the Lord.

I would like to pray if you would say this with me:

Lord father thank you for this day, open my mind and heart to receive you, thank you for all you do Jesus, Amen.

Today I want to talk about living bold, living confident.

All to often we give up on things that were important to us at one point, because we get down on ourselves.

I sure have done this, I did it not long ago with this website. I thought no one will listen no one will care to hear what I have to say.

But glory to God all of you are showing up. I may not have millions of followers yet, but I get a chance to talk to all of you everyday and that means something to me.

I would have never had this opportunity to do this if I would have given up when things were not going as I had planned.

What I’m saying to all y’all is you have to live bold, take chances, mess up along the way toward your dreams.

God puts it on all of our hearts and minds of these great plans, so what’s stopping you.

You are, you are the one limiting yourself. You say well they did it but I don’t have that gift, well it’s not your gift, God gave you your own, use yours.

We have to have the boldness and remember God is on our side. God wouldn’t have given us the dream if he didn’t want us to have it.

Step out in faith, God calls you special, he calls you talented, you are made great in him.

Unlock what you have in you, Jesus died so we could have the chance to do the things in this life that mean something to us.

You will never grow if you don’t take chances, chances in you!

Time is limited on this Earth, it’s now or never.

Stop living like you are in lack, God has given you more than enough.

More than you need to fulfill your calling. Don’t give in on you!

I want to give us all a chance to make the Lord part of your life and to live bold and confident in him, if you would pray with me:

Lord God, thank you for being my Lord and savior, Lord God help me be bold in my faith, help me be confident in you and myself, it’s in your mighty name I pray Jesus, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know you are called different, it’s time to live it, be bold be confident.

Trust in what God says about you!

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Also if you could share this with a friend today it would help out tremendously in helping us spread the love of God all around the world.

Thank you for your help and until next time may God bless you!

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