God is for us…

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Today I want to talk about how God is for us. God’s love is never ending and he cares for us more than we could ever imagine.

He sees us in our time of trouble, our time of need. He never lets us walk alone, or stray to far that he can’t save us.

He is an never ending God, how blessed are we that the same God that made the earth and everything in it cares for us.

Nothing we could do can change his love for us. Every sin he still remains and loves us as his children.

We do have to be accountable for our sins though, he only holds us accountable because he loves us.

If you have children and they do something not pleasing do we not scold them? But do you stop loving them because they made a mistake?

We can’t earn this love, or buy this love. The love God gave us is unconditional.

We have received this love through Jesus and what he did for us on that cross. Give him praise for he is good he took our sins and made a way were there was no way for a sinner like you and me.

The thing is though God gave us free will, a will to choose in this life. What I am asking is will you choose to love God?

Hold on to his care and his grace, blessings and change come through him.

Every fear doubt or worry is no more when we are in the care of the Lord.

He wants our love, he wants us to come to him in our time of need, can you?

I want to give us a chance to come to the Lord and make him the savior of your life if you would pray with me:

Dear heavenly father, thank you for this day, I repent of my sins, and I make you the Lord of my life, Amen.

If you prayed that simple prayer I know God is working in you. Hold close and cling to his love.

Pray bold prays, love one another, keep God first place!

If this has spoken to your heart please share this with a friend and be the change in there life.

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Thank you so much for coming today, until next time may God bless you!

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