We need pray now more than ever…

Welcome back, today I want to jump right in because this is such a sensitive subject as of right now.

I wrestled if should write a passage on this subject, but after debating I believe God has put it on my heart.

The world is in panic, as we fight these tough times of the new virus that is going on.

Now more than ever is the time for strong prayers. We need as many people asking God for a cure for this Corona virus that is sweeping the world.

Minds are clouded leaning to man made objects to save us, when we should be together as a world prayer group, asking God to help us.

This new Corona virus has many scared or even terrified in panic, when we have a cure in front of us.

Now more than ever we need God to intervene, we need God to show us the way out.

We have to come together on this, nation’s with nation’s fighting this virus with prayer.

We also need to support one another as human kind in this great time of need.

Help your fellow man, loved ones, neighbor in this time, show them love and care, lend a hand when you can.

What I’m asking is that each and everyone of us pray and pray often in boldness asking God to find a cure. And be with us in our time of need.

We also need to stay thankful that he is going to work for us, and he has us taken care of in his hands.

I believe God wants us to need him in this time, he also wants us to humble ourselves and be kind and closer than ever to our loved ones.

It’s time to rise to the occasion and beat this thing out, with God!

I want to pray for all of us on this Earth, for our safety and a cure to this Corona virus, if you would please pray with me:

Lord God, please help us your children here on this Earth, help us to know you are working and have us safe in your care, help to overcome this Corona virus and destroy it Lord, we need you now more than ever Lord, thank you for always staying near and rescuing me and this world, it’s in your mighty name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen.

Thank you for your support in this battle, stay safe, pray to God and hold to your faith more than ever.

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2 thoughts on “We need pray now more than ever…

    1. Yes I agree with you we need prayer for peace, not only of anger but of sound minds pointed toward Jesus. Thank you for supporting my and Jesus messages here I hope it helps bless your life! If I can help add any value to your life please let me know thanks again.

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