Anger killed at the cross…

Welcome back, today I want to talk about something that hit me so hard in reading my Bible last night.

I had read and have known of Jesus taking the cross, but as I was reading in Romans I had something laid on my heart that hit me like a ton of bricks.

Romans 3:21-25 said Jesus took our cross our punishment because of God’s anger with all of us.

How amazing is this passage that God’s anger was so great at us, but yet he still allowed us a way to him, a way for our salvation.

By faith we can have a place in heaven with our father. No works or good deeds get us there.

It is covered by the blood of Christ and our beleif and faith. How great is this, how great is he.

Not one of us is good enough that we don’t need his help, but not one of us is so bad that we are beyond the reach of God’s help.

What I am asking is if we everyday can remember what God had done for us through Jesus.

Have faith in our covering, for we are born again in our beleif. I thank God he has saved our souls.

That our sins have not left us in the grave and there is a way home.

I want to give us all the chance today to make Jesus the Lord in your life, if you would pray with me:

Dear heavenly father, I repent of my sins, come in to my life, you are my Lord and savior, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is working in you. Read your bibles, pray and hold on to your faith.

If this has insipred you to make Jesus number one in your life please do me a favor follow, like, and share this message below.

Also share the image at the top of page to Instagram,Twitter,Facebook help be the change in someones life.

I know God has a great plan for your life, thank you for coming today and until next time may God bless you and your life!

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