God’s promise…

Welcome back, it’s been a crazy time in the world this last couple of weeks. But I want to give us some encouragement.

But if I can ask one thing first, please share the image above on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and give the gift of God to someone today.

I want to talk about God’s promise for all of us.

It’s told to us in the Bible in Jeremiah 32:40 that God has made us an everlasting promise to never stop doing good for us, that he will feel our hearts with worship for him, and we will never leave him.

I believe God has so much in store for our lives for good. To many times we get down saying things won’t work out, or we will never make it.

But we need to turn that around and remember God’s promise for us, that he has good things in store for our lives.

The key to this is what he said next that he would feel us with worship for him. We have to stay in faith that he is working for our good.

Every doubt, worry, fear, anxiety released because we have God’s promise he would never leave us and we would never leave him.

When we doubt what God has said on our lives, we can cancle out blessings. It doesn’t mean he has abandoned us, it means he wants us to trust in him fully.

So how much more at peace should we feel that the creator of the universe cares for us as much as he does that he said he would do good for us forever.

Nothing we could do could ever break that promise, because when God speaks he tells the truth.

Don’t believe the lie that you are to far gone to be brought back close to God.

I want to give you the chance to make God Lord in your life and to thank him for the good he does for us if you would pray with me today;

Lord God thank you for my blessings, thank you for the promises you give to me, please come into my life, I make you my Lord and savior, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is moving in your life, he has blessings lined up for you.

Read your bibles, pray, make him first place.

If this has helped and God has put it on your heart please like, follow, and share this message today. Help spread the love of God all over the world.

Also if in need of prayer please feel free to contact me at RandySweeney1987@gmail.com

Thank you for coming I hope you leave inspired, until next time may God bless you and your life.

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