Humble ourselves…

Welcome back, Im glad you are here I know God has big plans for your life.

Today I want to talk about being humble, humble is a word used to discribe one showing a modest or low estimate of ones own importance.

But we are told in the bible that we are all important and special. Yes we are, but the bible explains this in a new way for us.

In Proverbs 18:12 we are told Haughtiness goes before destruction, humility precedes honor.

When we are filled with pride, we cant see our weaknesses.

If we cant admit our faults, then they cant be corrected.

On the other hand, humility allows us to surrender to God, opening the way for him to correct us and redirect the course of our life.

Being prideful in ourselves is great if we do it through Gods perspective, by humbling ones self and admitting we have flaws or sins, God goes to work in changing us.

Being humble shows the world the God in us, when we say or act as if we have no flaws the world can preconceive us as rude and err-agent.

It does not reveal the good and the light of Jesus inside of us.

Humble yourself before the Lord in prayer, and you will find a peace and joy longing to be awoke inside of you.

God has amazing things in store for your life, but he cant go to work if we have a sense of pride that says we don’t need him.

Even Jesus a man who had no sins humbled himself before the Lord, because he knew that God is the source of change and hope.

Being humble does not mean we are weak, no it shows we are human and we know we have flaws that can be worked on.

We lie to ourselves when we are to prideful, we hide away flaws inside or even if seen we try and cover, we tell ourselves, this is who we are.

This type of thinking will never allow us to be free, free for the Lord to come in and do his mighty works.

Take hope today, humble yourselves before the Lord and feel the power of the Lord God almighty power do a great change in you!

I would love to pray for us today, and ask God to come into our lives and humble us, if you would say this prayer with me;

Dear heavenly father, thank you for this day, come into my life, humble me before you, take away my prideful attitude, I make you the Lord of my life, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is going to work on you!

Remember to read your bibles, pray, and keep God first place in your lives.

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Thanks for coming and until next time God bless you!

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