Heaven and Earth…

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Today I want to talk about the beginning, the beginning of the heavens and Earth.

In the beginning God hovers over the earth, but it was not Earth as we see it today. It was an empty formless mass cloaked in darkness.

God went on to create everything on Earth he started with light and saw it was good.

Then he went on creating day and night. He created the sky, then land.

God then put plants and trees on Earth, that would bare seed.

Then the Lord created seasons, and on the fifth day God put birds in the air, and fish in the sea, he saw all of this was good.

Then came all the livestock and critters that roam the land.

Then the most amazing thing that God put on Earth he created on the sixth.

God made people!

He made us in his image, patterned after himself!

He called man to be master’s over all he had put on the earth.

We were told to multiply and feel the earth.

What love he must have formed, for he made us in his image.

We were made perfect in his site, he was so pleased at what he created.

How blessed are we that we were called master’s over all that was on this Earth.

For we could have been lowest on the food chain, but God called us more.

He called us more through him that we would be feeled with his love, and mercy.

We were created to be leaders, mother’s, fathers and all that is great on Earth.

We are not Born to be called less than or in lack of anything. All of this can be found in Genesis 1 right at the beginning of the Bible.

I want us to remember how blessed we are that God has called us to be more and do more.

For he breathes his very life into all of us!

I want to give you all the chance to come to the Lord right now, thanking him for this life he gave to us.

If you would pray with me today;

Lord father, thank you for this life you have gave to me, thank you you are the creator of all, thank you you have called me more through you God, it’s in your mighty name that we pray Jesus, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is going to work in your life and he has big plans for you.

Read your bibles, pray, and keep God first in your life.

Please follow, like, and share this message today if you need God to be first in your life.

Thanks for coming I hope to see you next time so we can stay encouraged and keep God number one in our lives. Until next time may God bless you!

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