Temptation of Sin…

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Today we are going to explore Genesis 3 and how God overcomes the power of sin in our lives.

We learn in Geneis that Adam and eve are temped by Satin in the form of a serpent or snake.

Eve is persauded to eat the fruit that is being tempeted to her. As soon as she eats the fruit her eyes are opened to wisdom.

She then gave some to Adam and his eyes are opened. They noticed they were naked and grew ashamed.

So they sew together fig leaves to cover themselves, but soon afterward God came to call for them. But they hid from him.

But God knew they had ate the fruit because they were aware of their nakedness.

God intern banishes them from the Garden, and gave them some conciquences for their actions.

God made man work the feilds everyday by the sweat of his brow, and woman had to endure the pains of child birth.

We still endure these conciquences today dont we.

So how do we fight against and reframe from our sins, we are told in the bible in Genesis we have to stay close to God.

Let him be the source that helps us fight off the attacks and persaution of the devil.

See the key here is to open up to God and tell him of our sins or thoughts to move on sin.

God gave us his promise to strenghten us and to overcome in our lives.

We do not have to stay stuck in our sins and repeat old patterns!

Sin does not have a place in our lives if we invite God in.

I would love to help you invite Jesus into your life today, if you would pray with me today;

Dear heavenly father, come into my life, change me, I rent of my sins, and make you my Lord and savoir, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is going to work on your life.

Dont forgot to pray, read your bibles, and keep God first place in your life!

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Thank you for coming today I know God has big plans for you and your life, until next time God bless you!

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