Our greatest failures…

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Today I want to talk about our great failures.

I’m going to be speaking from Genesis 4 today.

See in Genesis 4 we find Cain and Able, two brothers.

Cain and Able gave there sacrifices to the Lord, but God didn’t except Cain’s offerings.

Cain grew angry, and allowed sin to take hold and he killed his brother in this anger.

God then in turn banished Cain from his land. But he still did not leave Cain alone.

No he marked him so no one would kill him, for others new what he did to his brother Able.

In the same way we need to keep a close eye on our own anger and feelings, for we too could fall to our sins.

But how great is he our Lord who still protected Cain even after his greatest failures.

How great is he who still protects us in ours.

Without the help from God things only get worse, what I am asking is that we remember our greatest sacrifice in Jesus.

See we don’t have to sacrifice anymore because Jesus gave us his all, his life, his blood.

If we can receive this today, come into God’s grace, we too can hope for the escape of the natural slide toward pain and destruction.

I would love to give you the chance right here today to except this grace into your life, if you would pray with me;

Dear heavenly father, come into my life, change me, I repent of my sins, I make you the Lord of my life, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is going to work in your life.

Remember to pray, read your Bible and keep God first in your life.

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Until next time may God bless you!

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