God watches over his people…

By: Randy Sweeney@ http://Faith-Born.com

Welcome back, I’m glad your here. I know God has a big plan for your life.

If it’s your first time here please be sure to follow along with our ministry.

Today I want to dig through Genesis 6. This is one of the most known story’s and chapters in the Bible.

Genesis 6 talks of Noah and the great flood.

At this point in the Bible the world was so corrupt, and God saw his people’s wickedness, and evil thoughts.

But Noah stood apart from this corruption, Noah was the only blameless man left on Earth at this time.

God spoke to Noah and told him of his plan of the flood, and how he was going to cleans the earth.

This cleans would wipe out all human race and animals from this evil corruption.

God instructions for Noah was to build a boat, one that was 450 ft long, 75 ft wide, and 45 ft high.

You can imagine this blew Noah’s mind, but he was faithful and constructed the ark anyways.

He was told to bring two of every animal, male and female aboard.

Also that his wife and sons should enter as well.

God vowed to keep Noah safe through this flood.

The big take away from this chapter is that God has a great love for us.

But we break his heart when we don’t live to his plan.

God is patient and gives us chance after chance to change from our evil wicked ways.

But he is still righteous and judges our sins.

The point here is we can’t act in impurities and sins.

Even in the flood God kept Noah safe, we should have hope if we cling to God we to can be safe and change.

We may not understand how everything works but we must stay faithful and do what God asks of our life.

When we walk by faith God will watch over us.

I would love to take a minute to make God Lord in your life, if you would pray with me;

Dear heavenly father, I repent of my sins, come into my life, change me, I make you the Lord of my life, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is going to work in your life.

Remember to pray, read your Bible, and keep God first in your life.

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Thanks for coming and until next time may God bless you!

Article By: Randy Sweeney
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