Never alone with God (life

By:Randy Sweeney@

Do you ever feel alone, stuck in the feeling you are fighting battles you can’t win?

Stay tuned I’m going to point you to the one who will never forgot you.

Welcome I’m glad your here, I know God has big plans for your life.

If your new here please be sure to follow along with the program.

Today I want to talk about the feeling of being alone.

All to often even in the world full of more people ever than before, it’s still easy for some of us to feel all alone.

Thoughts run through your head that no one cares.

But let me tell you, you have someone that will never leave you alone.

Who’s love is never ending.

God is always here for us, no matter were we are at in life.

It reminds me of Noah and the ark in Genesis, Noah sure could have thought he was alone.

He was out on that ark for a year before waters recessed, it was easy for him to think, well God sure did abandon me here.

But let me tell you, God never abandon Noah he still stood by his side until his plans were complete.

Noah now had a fresh start in a world free from sin and evil.

In the same way God is giving us a fresh start.

He gave us his son Jesus to cover our sins.

A start full of his love and caring embrace.

God gave Noah a rainbow as a sign of a fresh start and his promise on Noah’s life.

What I am wondering, are you missing your rainbow.

God gives us signs of his love all around us. Each breath we get is a blessing from God.

So what Im saying is stop getting stuck in the mindset your alone.

Put your faith in our God that never fails, never abandons.

We can take great hope in our God and his love for each and everyone of us.

It’s time to let go and let God fight your battles. Ones of depression, fears, anxiety, or stress.

Come to God let his words be the warm embrace you are so desperately searching for.

I want to give you the chance today to receive God into your life, if you would pray with me;

Dear heavenly father, come into my life, change me, I repent of my sins, I make you the Lord and Savior of my life, Amen.

If you said that small pray I know God is going to work in your life.

Remember to pray, read your Bible, and keep God first in your life.

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Please don’t feel you are alone with these feelings of depression. If your in need of a friend and someone to talk to and encourage you in your fight please email me at

Thanks for coming, and until next time may God bless you!

Article by: Randy Sweeney
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