10 Things Holding Us Back From Deeper Relationship With God (Most Helpful)

By: Randy Sweeney@Faith-Born.com

Many times there are things that hold us all back from a deeper more passionate relationship with God. I have created the top 10 reasons we don’t have a more impact relationship with God as Christian’s or new believers.

1. Our Fear Of The Unknown

Sometimes new things can create a fear in us, this fear of not knowing what will happen in a relationship with God slows us down. Let’s face it the fear of not knowing what will happen to us can be scary. But nothing about God’s love should be scary! We should be more scared not having God’s love.

2. Our Need To Look Back Not Forward

We get stuck in old stories of ourselves, and all to often say this is who I am instead of looking ahead and saying this is who God says I am. It’s ok to look back as long as we know we won’t go there and live again. Use your past as a stepping stone to were you will go!

3. Love Of Material Things

When we change for God sometimes he will ask us to loose some of our material items. We can get stuck in these items saying “I can’t go without them”. But God knows what we need! Sometimes these material items become more important than God and we put them first, instead of him.

4. Our Negative Self Image

When we tell ourselves we are not good enough, or I will never get were I want to go! These are limiting thoughts. We have to have thoughts of what God says about us, one of “I am more than enough” God has given all of us a little of him inside of us and we have the same power as Jesus to overcome and be called more!

5. Our Focus On The Impermanent

It gets easy to focus on things that will not be true in all the days of our lives. Things that can and will change in time. We get to impatient thinking this is who I will be forever. But time and God changes all things that seem permanent.

6. Our Need For Control

If you are like me I like to try and control things or certain situations in life, just to find out in the future I just made it worse. If we let go and let God take control then and only then will we see that things start to improve. Be patient let God do his good works. He has the ultimate plan anyways!

7. Our Inability To Trust What We Know Is True

God puts on our hearts the things that are true. We get stuck going against that feeling of true. We get stuck trying to fight what God’s plans are for us. Just because it maybe hard or uncomfortable, we go against what we feel in our hearts is true and that we have to figure it out on our own.

8. Our Nervousness Over The Possibility Of Change

Believe me change can get uncomfortable and down right fearfully sometimes. We then let that fear and nervousness control what we do. It maybe a new job opportunity, or leaving an addiction or trying something new. All to often we let the fear take hold and we don’t do the things God has called us to do.

9. Our Desire For Personal Happiness, Versus God Provided Happiness

In life we can try and force our own happiness. Telling ourselves this is what happiness looks like. But God is our source of happiness if we let go and let God take control he will supply all the joy we need because we have him, joy comes when we know who is in control and how much more do you think he will provide ( he created the universe for Pete sake).

10. Our Forgetfulness Of What Jesus Did For All Of Us

Jesus took it all for us, he gave his life so we could be called more. As Christian’s we tend to forgot that he and only he is the source of our life. Without his sacrifice on that cross we would not have the chance of our salvation!

Closing Thought

I truly believe as Christian’s and even as new believers if we hold to these 10 truths and limiting believes we can and will have a more deep, more impactful relationship with our father in heaven. Maybe you struggle in faith or have never experienced God’s love before I would love to pray for us all today to find Jesus and allow God into our hearts if you would say this prayer with me:

Dear heavenly father, come into my life, change me, I repent of my sins, and make you my Lord and savior, Amen.

I know if you said that short prayer God is going to work on your life! Don’t forgot to pray, read your Bible and keep him first in your lives!

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Gods love for all of us!!

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