Broken People have hope in Jesus(Better

By: Randy Sweeney

Are you broken? Warn down by life? Maybe you think it will never change. Let me tell you you are not alone.

The tears have fallen down my face, the fears have gripped me and worked to take down my strength!

Life has a way of throwing some pretty mean down and outs. We as people fall and sometimes it can be hard to pick ourselves back up.

But can I tell you today your brokenness is right when God wants you to come to him.

Easter the day of Jesus resurrection, the day he was taken back home, he is our path to God. I love hiking and being in the woods as may some people out their who see this today.

But when we are in the woods hiking you can sometimes feel lost and can’t find your way out. You walk and you walk and feel like I will never make it out!

So then we think, well maybe I should go back, turn around, give up this path leads to nowhere!

But you take a breath and keep walking forward and you run into the most beautiful peace of scenery you have ever witnessed. If you have turned back you would have never seen this!

God is doing this the same in our lives, even as Christian’s who have believed for a long time. We still can get lost.

But God is asking we keep walking that path toward him. We don’t have to go back to were we started. We walked past that in faith. Yes it maybe shaky and hard times will come but we have to keep right on hiking toward Jesus!

This is exactly what the resurrection is for, Jesus died on that cross so we could walk that path to God.

Without Jesus we wouldn’t be able to come to God. When God told Jesus to lay his life down, Jesus knew it was for me it was for you. So we can live again through him!

Broken people can come to God, because when we are broken that’s when we need something the most. That’s when we are in need of help the most. God is asking, when is your broken spot, when are you going to say no more I can’t do it, God I need you!

We all have that chance to walk that path to God he does not say he would take all the pain away but that he would be with us in it!

Maybe you have been looking at this Jesus Christian religion, but scared it’s not for you. I’m here to tell you today it is for everybody. Any broken beat down tired soul can come to him!

He is the way, the truth, he takes broken people and makes them whole. When I look at my Son and think about it really think, could I ever ask my Son to endore so much pain so much suffering?

Also would he my son be willing to take it all? But Jesus did just that he took the beatings, the torture, the cross and then ultimatly the grave!

Then rose up from the tomb, to heaven to cover the sins in our life! Some say well how do you know, what makes you so sure?

The Bible tells me and assures me that he did!

That’s how I know. What I’m really saying on this Easter Sunday is if your broken, defeated and need that hope, a hope that there will be better tommorow, maybe it’s time to come to to Jesus.

Peter 5:7 is one of my favorite verses, it’s says “cast all your fears and anxiety onto God”. Why? Because he loves you, he cares for you!

Times in the world are tough and they are adding to the pressure we already had in our lives! What better time to come to the one who restores our hearts, carries our burdens?

If you have been walking that shaky path for to long, your tired weak and ready for healing and peace, I ask you today to come to the one that can see us through it all. It’s time to come home to Jesus!

If you are in need to come home to this love, this peace, this joy. Ready to lay down your addictions, anxietys, your burdens I encourage you to say this prayer with me:

Dear heavenly father, I come to you today broken, I come to you beaten, I come to you to make you my Lord and savior, I repent of my sins, it’s in your name Jesus I pray, Amen.

If you said that prayer I know God is going to work with you! I ask you a few simple things. Read your Bible, pray, and make God first on your life.

Thank you for spending your time with me today, I know God has big plans for your life. Be sure if you liked this message to follow here at Faith Born or one of my other social medias and also please share this message with someone today.

Thanks for coming and may God bless you!

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