Walmart and God (what?)

Well I know we focus on God here and we still do but I believe that one of the biggest key things to a happy life is being able to laugh and have some fun.

Which leads me to the story I’m about to tell you! My trip to Walmart!

Maybe you will feel the same as me maybe not Idk it’s just my experience. Well it began on a trip to the retail franchise monster for fishing tackle for me and my wife on the fourth of July.

We went in for some simple gear and some headlamps to see at night. Well wouldn’t ya know it they were locked up in the case in sporting goods, no big deal one would think, but noooooo, one would think you need a PhD to understand why no one could get into that case!

We found 3 different employees and asked kindly can we get something out of that locked vault, we got everything from we will page someone( no they won’t) to we don’t have the keys or we are off the clock! If your off the clock vest should be off and not walking through the store smelling candles one would think?

I began to think no one was working there at that point, it would have been easier to break the glass and get it ourselves. I suddenly felt by blood boil and that christian man I try to be suddenly felt like walked away for a minute and said I had it to buddy! I came a little unhinged on two of the two employees that were smelling the candles that told me we will page someone. I am sorry to those two by the way if you stumble upon this.

We finally gave up and just went to check out! Well that opened up a whole other can of worms ( which is what we were buying by the way to go fish). We had to stand in line for 20 minutes to buy 3 things. We finally make it to the front were the cashier was talking to someone we thought was myself and wife, but nope she’s on the phone with ear buds in.

How stupid did I feel trying to hold a conversation with someone that was helping us? I was talking to myself! I do that but usually I try not to in public!

Let’s just say next time Amazon here I come, now that’s a company that has their stuff together! I mean I bought all new kitchen appliances for 20 bucks the other day in my underwear, can you do that at Walmart (YES!!!) Cause while we were their there was a lady shopping in her bra!!! Old Sam Walton or whoever created that place would be rolling in his grave!!

I don’t know I maybe wrong, it’s just my opinion that that old Walmart is falling apart, leave some comments and let me know what you think.

Walmarts Saving Idea

Well I was reading the news and then heard it on the radio, Walmart plans on opening drive in movies in their parking lot!!! What??? Maybe I’m wrong someone please let me know!

But what a last ditch effort drive in movies, where did that come from. If it is true can we fix one problem at a time. Let’s fix the store first, then let’s have some big ideas like this one. But I’m sure whoever thought of this got some big raise and everyone in corporate loved it ( what???) but I will probably still go cause come on drive in movies haven’t done that sense I was a kid.

I am sorry Walmart

Walmart I still love you and God bless you all and everyone who works there. I hope you have many more years in business. But I do feel you need a huge upgrade to do so. But God says to love even your enemy’s and Walmart I feel like your mine at this point in time.

Maybe it won’t always be this way maybe we can fix this relationship between you and I. I would love nothing more than to have a healthy relationship once more.

But until then Kmart here I come, wait they went out of business too!

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