This is one of my favorite quotes and it come from Dr. Seuss a children’s storybook writer. I never really knew how it was so true until the passing of my grandpa.

In the moment I almost took for granted the relationship with him and didn’t think of his death. But when he passed it really opened my eyes to it, tht I should have been more grateful of the time I had with him in the moment.

Now as he only a memory I know choose to apply what I have learned to other family. My wife, my kids I spend more meaningful moments with them.

Sometimes God will allow us to see the moment others he will not. When we don’t see the moment or live in it we can learn from it in the future to apply what we learned in other ways, and learn how to really live in that moment or not let it slip by.

Life is all about taking chances and not letting moments pass us by, but if we do learn from them and apply them in the future!

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