This world needs who you are God has given you your own set of talents. You do make a difference in this world.

Any job or life event that takes place we should always try and do our best in. We should show love and passion because it make a difference on someone else’s life.

I have detailed cars for 9 years now, and it hasn’t always seemed like it is for a purpose but I know that I am giving someone there dream car and if I can make it look the best possible it really makes me feel like it is important because I am adding to their life and dreams.

I think that’s what we are all here for to help others. You may think that what you do or who you are is not impacting someone else, bit that is far from the truth. You are unique and your talents, skills, passions make a difference in this life.

God has you right were he needs you because someone needs what you do in their life. We all have a purpose to fulfill in what we do in this world!

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