God gives us our own set of goals and talents to get there. It’s never to late to start a goal in life maybe it time to take a chance on you!

Just like starting this goal of writing for me, I thought no one will read this or take an I interest, but that is the evil one trying to stop you. Push past him, with God on your side you can achieve anything.

If you never take a chance in life you never grow and never fulfill your destiny in this life! Listen to what God says, you are made in his image, so if we’re made in his image is part of him not in us, all.od his might, strength, courage is their waiting for us to release it.

It’s not to late to say God I trust in you, and go into the unknown were Jesus is and take down that goal you have always wanted and desired in this life!

If your waiting on perfect timing there is no such thing and you will always find an excuse to never to it, take the chance on you, you are so worth it, I believe that whole hearted.

Please share this with someone you know and be the change in their life. If you don’t follow here please do so and don’t forget to check out FaithBorn.org for more great articles like this. Thank you and Until next time may God bless you.

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