The World as we know it is Changing…

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We all want a change in the world, it’s never been more present then in this new age we are living in today.

But how do we change the world?

No matter our skin color, beleifs, religious standings, the world only changes when we can care and show kindness to the ones around us.

But how do we do it? It starts with love! The Bible in God’s own words says to love thy neighbor! Show love, and kindness to all that we may encounter!

Everyday show the world the love of God. The values that God instilled in us at birth and in his teachings in the Bible should be shown in our christian lives everyday.

If Christian’s day by day can show love to anyone who comes into our lives we can show the world peace, love, kindness one person at a time!

When we show love it not only effects the ones around us but it effects us! When we are full of love we cannot hate, we are more full of joys and compassions.

Make the stand and choice today to be the change, show love in all that you may do in a world that is divided today!

Are you going to be the change today? Please leave some comments on how you will be the change in the comments section below. I would love to hear your ideas on what this world needs.

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